11 Months and ONE Month Shy!

Here we are again… another month down. Meaning we are that much closer to my sweet little babies being ONE year old! And we aren’t just close. We are really close now! In fact we are less than one month away!

We’ve  been in full party prep around here and I cant wait to celebrate such a special day with my sweet angels.

They turned 11 months on November 30th!

This month they have been doing so much! They are both standing on their own, laughing like crazy and interacting with each other more. I love that they are starting to play with one another! JP will go over and “attack” Jocelynn and Jocelynn just laughs and gives him kisses! I have to say that I might have the most precious and sweet babies ever!! (not bias;)

Jocelynn Caye~

11 months 045

  • You get very mad at bows and headbands now so we’ve been wearing pony tails a lot!! You wouldn’t even keep your bow on for this picture! BOO!
  • I am certain that youll be walking by the time your first birthday gets here. You will stand alone while holding a toy or flapping your arms for over a minute. We will see;)
  • You love giving kisses! I can tell you to give me a kiss and then you automatically go to your daddy to give him a kiss too. I guess you think it’s a package deal? You give the best sugars!
  • You will sit and watch Bubble Guppies now. You use to when you were about 4 months old but lately you get distracted. Now? You will sit there and watch if it is on tv and laugh and dance!
  • You still only have two teeth but you are definitely getting more!!
  • You have been a very good eater lately! I think your favorites are whole bananas. peas. carrots and chicken nuggets.
  • You love the snack dispenser. You don’t even like cheerios but you’ll eat them when they are in there.


11 months 034

  • You are such a happy boy. You always have been but you are becoming more and more silly with each day! You smile all the time and it makes us so happy!
  • You have FIVE teeth! And you are getting four more in! I can tell it is hurting you because you like to get 12-13 hours a night and you’ve been waking up lately.
  • You can “touch-down”! Me and your daddy will say “touch down Alabama!” and youll throw your hands over your head! You even say “Taaa-dooowww”!
  • You dance while you eat. You have always loved eating but now you get more excited with anything I give you and you rock back and forth while you eat.
  • You love your daddy! You say “da-da” all day long until he gets home from work.
  • You have a new game you like to play and im not crazy about it because you wont let me hold you anymore! I can say “come here, JP” and you crawl away so ill chase you! It is really funny, I just miss you wanting to be held!
  • Your favorite toy is a balloon. Not kidding. I bought you a huge Alabama balloon a few weeks ago and you are still playing with it!

Here is a video of them kissing each other! You can barely hear it because the sound on my phone is messed up thanks to a sweet baby girl sucking on it hah!

JP has started sharing his food and he loves it! He thinks it is hilarious. He tried sharing with Roxanne and would take it away from her before she could eat it… It was so cute!!

Happy Hump Day! Hope you are all having a wonderful one!