12 Months!!

My babies are officially ONE year old!! I cant believe how fast this past year has flown. People tell you and keep telling you that time will go by fast and never do you believe it until it’s a year later and you realize.. WOW! My babies are ONE! What?

Jocelynn and JP are going non-stop these days! My baby girl is walking and JP is trying his hardest to. I honestly don’t think I will ever get tired of watching her walk because watching her chunky little legs go and go make my day;)

Jocelynn Caye~

12 months 061

  • You are so outgoing! You walk around the house saying “Heeeeyyyyyyyy” to everything and everyone. And if it isn’t Hey then its “bye”. You have the sweetest little voice.
  • I cannot get you to wear a bow or headband to save my life. You pull them out right when I put them in. You will wear a pony on top of your head though so I guess that’s ok;)
  • A friend of ours crocheted you and your brother a blanket before yall were born and we’ve used them ever since the hospital. But recently you have become very attached to it. You have to have it to nap, play and go to sleep. Oh, and it weighs like 8 lbs so its not easy for you to carry around.
  • You are such a mommas girl! And I love every single part of that!


12 months 046

  • You are still the same ole clown you’ve been since you’ve been able to smile and laugh.You crack me up all day long and I love that about you.
  • You are trying your very hardest to walk! It is the cutest thing! You will raise your arms up, start laughing and walk towards me! You are not scared at all to try it either because you’ve taken some pretty hard falls and that hasn’t stopped you yet hah.
  • You are literally a bottomless pit when it comes to eating. I cannot feed you enough. And yet you only weigh 19 lbs.. high metabolism maybe? It scares me because if you are eating like this now, how much will you be eating when you’re 3? 5? 7? Is our grocery budget going to have to be renamed the JP is hungry budget? hah!
  • You love your mommy and want mommy to hold you when you are hurt or sleepy but when daddy is here, you are daddy all the time. He cant wait to take you hunting or fishing when you get bigger! Yall will be the best of buds;)

We woke up on yalls birthday morning to a very sick JP;( He had a 104 degree fever and it did not go down after Motrin or Tylenol. I ended up taking him to the after hours clinic that night. He was so pitiful. It ended up being pink eye, ear drainage to a possible infection, and fever virus.

12 months 005

Four days later he felt a little bit better and was back to playing! Thank goodness! Since JP was sick we didn’t do a smash cake or anything. We cooked them a cake that next weekend and let them indulge in the whole thing! They LOVED it!

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It was just us four but it made it that much more special!

I will never be able to convey just how much I love yall because it is impossible. Just know that I would do anything and everything for yall. I promise to protect you both. Ill kiss your boo-boos when you get hurt, hold you when you cry, and love on you when you want to be cuddled;) I love you both so much and I cant wait to see what this year has in store for us. Please don’t grow up too fast on mommy!