31 Days- Raising three kids under 3

So, here we are again. That time of year for the 31 day posting of any subject. I did a great job two years ago with “31 days of raising twins while knocked up” but last year? Yeah, not so great. I didn’t even get past my second post. I wanted to do “31 days of DIY” but with having three kids under 2 at the time, I just didn’t have the time. I am getting back into the groove of blogging and I figured why not try this again but with something more practical? So….

Why not bring you into our daily life? I will do 31 days of raising three kids under 3, all while trying to bring you fun things to do with kids, recipes and more! Seems simple enough, right?? The only reason I am a day behind posting this is because I wasn’t sure if this was going to happen again this year or not. So you might get two posts from me today or tomorrow to catch up.

Yesterday was a good day. We are at an age where the twins are very interested in learning and I try taking advantage of that and teaching them something daily. We got out some blue painters tape and decided to make shapes and numbers on the carpet. I would ask them “Wheres the triangle?” and they would go stand in it. If they got it right, I would reward them with a m&m. They respond really well when learning if I reward them when they do get right answers. It also helps them learn that certain thing more quickly. And no, I don’t always give my kids candy. Mine love salty things too so we will use anything while learning to make it fun.

Our days get so crazy around here. If the kids aren’t whining, they are fighting lately. One thing that always cheers them up during the middle of the day is talking to their daddy on the phone. I put Matt on speaker and hand the twins the phone and they just sit there and talk to him. I love it! Matt drives an 18 wheeler so the first thing JP always says is “Honk! Honk one time daddy!” Matt honks and it makes their little day. They even fight over who gets to tell him they love him at the end and “mash him: (hanging up”.

Just a small peek of the blur that is our life lately… And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

The twins talking on the phone to their daddy

These are the facial expressions Jp makes after Matt honks the horn for them;)

It gets hard but the good times are extremely good. We have been going to the hunting club often in the past few weeks to help daddy get the fields ready for hunting season. Maddie, JP and Jocelynn all throw the seed for Matt and its the most precious thing ever.  They love it and I love that they love it.