5 Fun at home activities- Summer with Kids!

I want to share with y’all 5 things I am loving and that also keep my children’s attention for more than 5 minutes! One of these you might think are a little over the top but a great investment on your sanity!

  1. Fubbles!! This is a genius idea and I have no clue why it hasn’t been invented before now! No spill bubbles?! Can it get any better? I think not! I bought this bucket from Amazon and its perfect for us. It came with three wands and I bought a huge thing of liquid bubbles to refill it. All you do is unscrew the top, add bubbles and then play! That easy! There are so many no spill bubble products available now and I am loving it all! Thank you to the person who invented it!
  2. Bouncy House! This is so fun and so adorable! A little on the pricey side but we purchased one to have for Madelynn’s first birthday. I figured why not since we could get it out for birthday parties, let friends borrow and even just to play in when we get bored! It has a ball pit attached to the side that all three of mine loved. I call it a win!
  3. Sprinkler fun! I think anything you attach to a hose is a win, right? Jocelynn, JP and Madelynn are such water babies which made this even more fun for them. I don’t have the one pictured above but we have a caterpillar that squirts out from each leg that they think is hilarious. I have been looking around for another fun one and I think this one looks like loads of fun!
  4. A POOL of course! We haven’t bought one of these big blow up ones yet but we did get a small plastic one from Walmart. I would like one of these blow up ones to put them in and let them have tons of fun! I just hope Roxanne doesn’t pop it with her long claws because she does love a good swim too.
  5. Water/Sand table. If you don’t have one of these, you need to go buy one ASAP! It will keep the kids busy all afternoon! Jocelynn would play with it all day long if I let her! Such a great sensory activity for the small ones too! You can’t go wrong with one of these!

It is so hot outside now but that isn’t going to keep us inside! We have found other ways to beat the heat with all of these fun things! I purchased almost all of mine from Amazon. Actually, being a SAHM of three under 2.5, I purchase everything from Amazon. Its so easy and so fast. You can click on any of the links below to order the item from Amazon. What are you waiting for? Lets have some summer fun!