5 on Friday

Wahoo! One more thing to let me catch up on everything! You all know how much I love me some 5 on Friday linkups!

I feel like my babies are growing so fast. Doing so much stuff every single day and because I haven’t gotten back to my normal routine of blogging, I feel like I will not remember the things they are saying or doing that are just oh so funny. I’m making this 5 on Friday a little catch up (the last one hopefully) post and remembering things the kids do.

  • Jocelynn has had a rough couple weeks. The last week of school she told me to take her to the doctor and it ended up her having a double ear infection. The past week and a half she’s been complaining about her belly hurting. I just felt like something was going on. That child does not lie about her pains or wouldn’t mention them if it wasn’t real. To be honest and this is a little TMI I thought it was a yeast infection. I took her to the doctor on Tuesday and he said her ears were still a little swollen. I told him I thought it had to do with down there. He said for me to keep an eye on her. I was kind of mad they wouldn’t do anything while I was there. I just knew I would end up back there the next day or one day this week. Sure enough, I took her in again yesterday. I kept calling the nurse and telling her I just know something is wrong. She told us to come in and do a urine culture. They called me back this morning and told me she had a UTI. My poor baby. I just knew it. Thankfully the doc went ahead and prescribed her meds yesterday so she’s already feeling much better today.
  • Not sure if I blogged this or not (well there’s probably no way I did) but me and Matt hit the road a couple weekends ago and headed towards Biloxi, MS. His nanny called him that week and said she wanted to keep the babies for us so obviously we did what any parent would do and we replied with “HELL YES!” Me and Matt both love shooting craps so we decided to go to Biloxi for the night to yes, gamble. We had so much fun. I think my favorite part was the ride down there and back because we got to spend some one on one time with each other just talking, laughing, singing and acting fools. We ended up drinking and gambling until 5 am! Woke up at 9 and left to head back home around 11. It was exhausting and did one hell of a number on my body but I am so glad we got to spend some time together and so thankful nanny watched my precious littles. JP did get an owie though. He fell off their slide on to a piece of wood and cut his lip open. I’m not gonna lie, it was a pretty bad ass cut. 
The rest of my 5 on Friday is for each kid so I can remember everything they’re doing and saying right now;)
  • Jocelynn- Where do I even begin with you? You are such a freaking hoot. A diva, a drama queen and a clown. You have grown into such a fun young girl and you amaze us every single day. Your facial expressions are hilarious. You do this thing with your eyes now where they get so big while you’re talking about something you’re passionate about. You don’t even blink and its so funny. You call JP by his name now. It is so precious to hear you down the hall saying “come here JP!” You are such a little momma. You make sure JP and Maddie are well taken care of all of the time. If they are eating you make sure they have a napkin and their juice. If Maddie used her diaper you come and tell me right away to change her. You carry your babies on your hip and talk to them like they are your own. You will tell them “Its ok baby girl, I got ya” “Oh my goodness sweetheart, are you hungry?” It is truly incredible to see you mother your siblings and baby dolls. You tell me every single day that you are going to be a cheerleader when JP plays football. According to you, y’all are both going to Alabama to cheer and play football. I will be happy if that ever came true. You are a tumbler. You are flipping all day long. On the floor, onto the couch, over the couch, over JP. You are always upside down. Mommy is looking for a class to put you and JP in this summer. You love to dance and sing. I tell your daddy all the time you are either going to be a doctor or a singer. A doctor because you love anything gross. You are so girly though too so its funny when you help your daddy cut up fish to bait a cat fish rod. You tell me you love me every 15 seconds out of the day. I am not complaining. You get extremely mad when JP tells you he doesn’t “lub you”. He does my baby girl, he is just trying to get under your skin, which he does achieve by doing that. You are gorgeous. I mean breathtakingly gorgeous. Inside and out. I cant wait to see how much more you grow and what type of little person you are going to be. 
  • JP- Dude, you are all boy. You are a clown. And by far the craziest child we have. I mean it. You are crazy. Or you have your crazy moments where you get extremely hyper and just start running while hysterically laughing. Its hilarious. You love running and doing flips. You and Jocelynn are always flipping together. You call Jocelynn by her name now. You say “docewynn” and it is the cutest. You love anything boy or outside related. Every single day you tell me “Mom, I want to ride the tractor today!” “Mom, I want to go pishing today!” “Mom!! Lets go ride our bikes!” I love you baby boy. Probably because you are your daddy made over. And boy do you love your daddy. You are such a daddy’s boy. You love spending time with just him and whenever that does happen you look at us and say “MAN TIME!” You have began to fight back against your sisters. They have always pushed you around but now? If they push you, you push them. I try not to teach that but I also don’t want you to not take up for yourself. So we are learning to take up for our self as of now and lets just say the girls haven’t been messing with you that much anymore. You are so fast. Fast at running, fast on your bike, just fast. You are starting to ask us about sports. We didn’t want to put you in baseball this year BC we want you to enjoy your time as a toddler while you can. But lately you are telling us you want to play baseball. So we might rethink enrolling you next year. I love you so much baby boy and I look forward to seeing how much more alike you end up being like your daddy;)
  • Maddie- Girl, you are a mess. A hot mess at that. You are at an awesome age. Everything is new and amazing. I remember this age with the twins and it was so much fun. You talk so much. I don’t remember your siblings talking as much as you do but then again, we do think you might just be a genius. You love letters. You know all of your letters and you don’t even know the alphabet song. You know all of our names and it is precious hearing you say them. You started doing flips recently and think its hilarious. I knew that was to come since your siblings are flip crazy. You take after your sissy on everything. If her belly hurts you come to me and say “My bewwy hurts” in the saddest face and voice possible. If sissy needs a band aid for her finger, you need a band aid for yours. Its so cute how much you want to be like her. This didn’t happen until recently BC you are also so independent. You play so well by yourself and if its something you really like to play with, you will sit there forever. Its precious. You are a mommas girl. When you were born I was sure of it, that you didn’t like me. That quickly changed after you realized mommy had the food;) Now? You are my shadow. Don’t worry, mommy is not complaining one bit. How can I? We thought we couldn’t have babies and you’re our everyday proof that miracles do happen. You are our little blessing. I tell everyone you are our little mean blessing. Because you are mean. Not trying to sound bad but girl you are mean! You hit and throw tantrums like I have never seen before. I am convinced that you practiced all of this in the womb. No one is that good at something unless they’ve practiced. You are sweet too. The sweetest when you are sweet. You love to cuddle, hug and give kisses. There’s a commercial explaining sour patch kids (I know when you read this you will think in 10 years “whats a sour patch kid?” Well its the best candy ever.) that says “First, they are sour and then they’re sweet!” This is you down to a tee. You love any and all animals. You will hold anything and I do mean that. If it is a snapping turtle you want to hold it. You would hold an alligator if you could. Fearless you are my child. We have a pet duck that you named pickle and you hold it while it nibbles on you. All you say is “AH pickle try and bite me!” You’ve been bit by many things and it doesn’t phase you one bit!! You are such a strong little girl! You are talking so much too!! I’m going to leave that stuff for your two year old post (that I still have not written out)! We will get to that one though! I love you Maddie Rae!!