5 on Friday- Catch up Edition

We have been so busy at the Vanzant household lately. Between mommy training, a sickness that took over, and school starting I am exhausted. LOL. It is somewhat funny. My rule of thumb is to laugh when things get just a tad crazy. If you don’t laugh, you get mad or sad and I like to keep things happy so I choose to laugh. 
1) Jocelynn started gymnastics!! She has had two classes so far. The first class went as expected. She was a bit shy and cried for a while before warming up. JP stepped up for his big sister and joined the class with her. Melted my heart that he did that for her. It made her feel so much better and she loosened up with her teacher right away since JP was having so much fun. She is doing great and I am so excited to see what she will achieve and accomplish.

 2) Me and my three amigos have been searching high and low for Moo-moo a home to call her own come October. Between training and going home or on the weekends we go look at one for her. Guess what? We found one! It is perfect for her and move in ready… in SEPTEMBER! Awesome! The perfect little house that brings my mommy here even sooner. I couldn’t be happier to have my mom back in my full time life again. I have missed her dearly and I know my babies are so excited.

 3) Madelynn Rae, oh how you are so funny my dear. You are such a tom boy and girly girl all at the same time. You let me dress you up in pretty dresses, bows and shoes but you love all of the nasty, yucky boy things too. From lizards, to wrenches and mud to tractors. You love it all. Your latest obsession? A wrench. You love baby wrenches, big girl wrenches and reawwwwy big wrenches. Every time we go to pawpaws you immediately ask for a wrench. It is the cutest thing ever. You even sleep with one. You know what? If you fix cars for a living at least you’ll be able to fix all of ours? Or you might be an engineer? Whatever this wrench obsession is and if it leads you to a future career, we will love you for whatever you choose;)

 4) Car trouble!!! JP had stayed at home with Matt last Thursday because they were both sick and went to the doctor so I took the girls to work with me. We left the school and headed home. Passed Chelsea Park and broke down right there on HWY 280. Well, not broke down. I saw smoke coming from my rear view mirror and I looked around to see if I could see a car smoking. I looked in front of me and realized I couldn’t see a dang thing. Yup, it was my car!! Smoke was coming out of my hood, my air turned hot and then I panicked. I pulled over on the side of the highway and the only thing I knew what to do first was get my babies out. I forgot to turn my car off. I cut the ignition off as soon as I got them out but I was scared my car was about to catch fire so I did what anyone would probably do and did the most important thing first. It smelt horrible. Two nice women pulled over with me when they saw I had babies. I guess at least 2 people out of 200 are good right? My friends husband,Allen, was on his way home so he came and picked us up and took us to their house until Matt and JP got there. Then Matt and Allen went and got the car and brought it back to Jen and aliens house. Turns out it was a blown oil line! So glad it was fixable and even more glad my baby can fix stuff like this. What could have been over $100 ended up being a $40 fix. Jocelynn had a blast at Jens house. They have an awesome playroom with girly toys so she was in heaven. On our way home Jocelynn told me “Mom, when our car smokes again I want to go back there!” (insert cry laughing emoji)

 5) We had Meet the Teacher on Monday, first day of school on Tuesday and then I had to dress all of them up in Bama gear on Thursday since its that time again!!

 I bought these dresses on Amazon for $4!! Added a little heat transfer vinyl with my silhouette and BAM, first day of school outfit! Also, Jocelynn’s pose!

 6) We are getting ready for bird season around here in the country life. We went over to pawpaw Ron’s last night to help him get his dove strips ready. The babies enjoyed a Fresca that Ron gave them while playing on the trailer and watching daddy on the tractor.

7) I went to the doctor on Wednesday. The kids go to school on Wednesdays but I don’t work that day so I leave that day for all of my never ending appointments. Anyways, I found a lump on my breast this summer and it concerned me. It doesn’t hurt or anything like that. I just thought it was a bone to be honest. At my annual last month I told my doctor about it and she wanted me to go to radiology to get it checked on just in case. SO that’s the appointment I had this time. Long story short, apparently my Maddie Rae broke my rib while I was pregnant with her. Yup, I was shocked. I hurt so bad during that pregnancy right there. I always had my hand on my right upper side but I always thought it was her foot under my rib. Nope, she broke it. Or it broke during the pregnancy at some point. Amazing and crazy, right? So I guess I will just have a huge knot. Maybe I will call it my battle wound for carrying three babies in two years?

One more picture because I cant resist. We went fishing last weekend for a short while since it was so hot and all of the babies fell asleep on our way back down river. We laughed so hard. So many blessings in just one small picture.