A Day Date with The Hubs

While moo moo was in town staying with us last weekend, me and my first love decided to go on a date. A day date! And what better date is there than to go and enjoy your favorite football teams A-day game?! Well, I can think of a billion things that would be fun but the A-day game was that day so we decided why not?

We love Alabama football. I was raised rooting for the Tide and my hubs was too. Which makes me love him even more. Divided households wouldn’t work for us because I would kill him if he rooted for any other team and he would me. It was a beautiful day that day. Sunny and over 80 degrees with a slight breeze! When we got to the stadium we couldn’t believe how many people were there! I mean it is crazy all the fans that come out just to watch a spring scrimmage. But that’s one of the many reasons I love Alabama. We ended up parking about a mile and a half away! It was ok with me because I am always looking for excuses to get some exercise. After a lot of walking and walking even more to find two seats, we ended up on the very top of the stadium. We have sat up there during a game before and loved it though. You can see every little thing that happens. Or I use to could before my vision went to crap! It wasn’t crowded at all up there either so we stretched out our legs and enjoyed bathing in the sun with a cool breeze while watching some football. I might have even indulged in nachos, cheese and jalapenos 😉

I was very disappointed in how the A-day game went but that’s not the point here. The point is.. I am just glad I just to spend some alone time with my wonderful husband. Its important. We don’t get to do it often and I’m sure not many of you do either but when you get the chance you have to take advantage of it. Husband and wife are what holds the family together. If we aren’t happy then how can our kids be? Me and Matt make it a point to always try and spend time together. Since we don’t get dates that often, we will put the kids to bed early sometimes just so we can talk about everything or just watch a movie. I love my husband so much and am thankful for the time I get to spend with him when we do get time.

Love you Matt and ROLL TIDE!