A day in the Life- Raising twins and Knocked up

You like that? “Knocked Up” hah. I can actually express it that way this go round instead of saying we are pregnant because the truth is … I got knocked up! A little humor for you this Saturday morning;)

I meant to post this yesterday but I just did not find the time. I ended up taking both babies to the doctor because JP has still been so miserable and Joc started acting fussy yesterday. It was just JP’s appointment but I made them check her too while we there. Turns out that 3 out 4 ears were infected/still are infected. We’ve upgraded to an even stronger antibiotic and I pray this one works because I hate seeing them so miserable. Anyways, getting back to the post… I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner today!! She is doing Show us Your life: A Day in the Life. Here we go!

I’m going to tell you what a “normal” day is like around here:

  • 6:45- I wake up and get breakfast started.I make the coffee and turn the dryer on to “freshen” up the laundry I forgot to fold the night before.
  • 7-7:70- Babies wake up and I change their diapers while they drink some milk.
  • 7:30- Babies eat while I load dishwasher and fold laundry.
  • 8- Babies play in den while I eat. Then we all play in playroom for a while or they help me get the nuggets room ready.
  • 10- Babies go down for a nap.
  • While they nap I dust, vacuum, put up laundry, sweep and mop. I try and blog around this time or take a bath too..if I’m lucky;)
  • 12-12:30- Babies wake up. I always have their juice and a snack out. JP is hungry right away so if I don’t have a snack out he gets very mad. Usually veggie sticks or apple sticks.
  • 12:30- Babies play while I prepare lunch. I’m getting pretty lazy with lunch lately (which I hate) but I’m huge and don’t feel like cooking a whole lot anymore. So there hasn’t been any fancy lunches the past few weeks.
  • 12:45- babies eat and I eat with them.
  • 1:00- Time to play again! They usually play with each other for a little while so I’m able to do another load of laundry or work in bedrooms.
  • 2:30- Babies take a nap.
  • While babies nap its back to cleaning! I try to dust and vacuum bedrooms now or clean bathrooms. I do try and sit for a minute during this nap and rest a little.
  • 3:30- Babies wake up and get juice and a snack. We all go to playroom and play!
  • I try and figure out what we are going to have for dinner and either get it out and “started” or get it prepared for later.
  • 4-5- Daddy gets home! He plays with babies while I cook dinner,
  • 6:00- We all eat dinner together as a family.
  • 6:30- Bathe Babies. Then give warm milk in sippies.
  • 7:30- Give kisses and put babies down for bed.
  • Me and Matt usually watch a little TV after they go to bed or eat if we didn’t get to.
  • 8:00- Matt goes to bed (he has to get up at 12 some nights to go to work) I tuck him in and make sure he has an outfit picked out for tomorrow.
  • 8:15- I unload and load the dishwasher and make Matt a lunch.
  • 8:45- I sit down and relax with my DVR and some sweets;) I check Instagram, twitter and read a few blogs while thinking about what I could blog about and by the time I decide I’m too tired to hold my eyes open so I just go to bed.
  • 10:00- Mommy goes to bed.

And that’s a good day! Some days aren’t like that at all though! If babies wont go down for a nap ill ride them around or we will go run errands until they get so tired they pass out! Sometimes babies are fussy and me and matt don’t get to eat dinner until after they go to bed. A lot can go wrong but we usually go good on days like this! We get lots done and have time for playing too!

I wonder what my schedule is going to look like in about a month??

I would love to do an “Answer post” and answer any questions you might have for me! If you do leave them in the comment section and ill do a post next week answering them!