A Look back on 2013

Now that the sickies are gone, and the hubs is starting to recover, we can all relax a little. I’ve been meaning to do a “look back” post and I am so glad I’m doing it. Going through all of these pictures from 2013 brings back some amazing memories. Some of the happiest moments of my life and I will never forget the year 2013.

I started 2013 out very pregnant. I was huge with Maddie. I guess because the pregnancies were so close together. The picture below wasn’t even the last belly pic I took, so just imagine how big I was in the end! Our last picture of a family of four last Easter too.


Shortly after that.. Madelynn Rae arrived into our lives. We were complete. We were a family of 5. Life got hectic, chaotic, fun and awesome. Madelynn fit right into our family and the babies grew to love her very quickly.

Madelynn Birthday 018Madelynn Birthday 025Madelynn Birthday 033Madelynn Birthday 040Madelynn Birthday 094

madelynn newborn pics 009madelynn newborn pics 028one month-outside play 0421.5 joc N jp 083


The twins have changed so much this past year. From speaking just a few words to whole sentences. Now having their own opinions about everything, telling us about their days, telling daddy the new things mommy taught them that day, loving on each other and fighting. Its all been truly amazing. 2013 brought a couple scary moments: like Jocelynn busting her eye open, or JP having ear infections back to back for 8 weeks but it also brought some great moments: twins getting a sibling and loving her to the moon and back, Jocelynn and JP being more affectionate each and every day and more. They’ve all changed so much. Its crazy. I blinked and they went from saying “momma” to “NO mommy” constantly. I love them so much and cant wait to see what 2014 has in store.

1.5 joc N jp 033



Our family picture taken for our 2013 Christmas cards (which I still haven’t blogged about). I love this picture. Our lives are so full and I feel so unbelievably blessed. Three beautiful, healthy, amazing children. A wonderful man who is a great father, friend, hard worker who supports our family and an amazing husband. A roof over our heads. Life might be hard having three babies under 2 and supporting our family but we take it day by day and at the end of every day, we count our blessings because we have many. Bring it 2014!!