A quick trip to the beach!

We decided last week to go and visit my parents again! Which means getting a small vacation out of it too!

I wish all of the time that my parents would move back and me and Matt would have help with the kiddos but then again, it is nice having somewhere to go for a quick weekend! My parents are so wonderful too. They help us out so much and even told us to go out and made us go fishing one day!

Me and Matt use to fish ALL.THE.TIME. Before babies we went to the beach often and would go deep sea fishing every single time. We live on the lake and love to bass fish too. We just love being out in the sun, spending time together and wetting a line! We always have. Matt has been a good bit since the having babies but I haven’t been since before we were married. I was so excited! We were going to go on Sunday but Saturday turned out to be so beautiful the Captain called us and told us to come on! We laid all the kids down for their naps and headed towards the Marina. We had so much fun and lucked out with a great captain! We caught a few type of fish including Amber Jack and Rudderfish! If you go to the Panama city area and want to go fishing call Captain Todd! Click here for his website!

We caught a ton but only kept four! I am not one who eats fish or even like it but I did try this and it was DELICIOUS!

After a little while of catching them left and right, some dolphins showed up and scared all of the fish away! I caught one and the dolphins came straight up to the boat. The captain let it go and the fish swam under the boat and the dolphins just stared at the bottom of the boat watching him! It was crazy to see them act like that and to see them so close!

I guess we were making a lot of noise because a huge bull shark came up to see what was going on! The Captain said it was probably around 500 lbs. It was huge! I don’t know if you know this but I am so fascinated with sharks. I love them for some odd reason. My husband thinks I am a little crazy. The captain saw how excited I got and asked “you want to try and catch him?” I kindly replied with a “HELL YES!” We had everything ready to try and catch him but he never showed up again. We continued to another spot and caught even more fish! I caught the biggest Amber Jack which was 29 inches long and I my whole body was weak after that fight! They fight so hard but it is so much fun!

We took the twins bowling one day while Madelynn napped! Ive been wanting to take them just to see how they do and they loved it! JP even carried his own balls up to the drop! Jocelynn got a bit tired and cranky but overall it was a great outing!

We got back and little miss Maddie was awake and ready to play! She loved the wind for some reason! She would laugh so hard every time it would start blowing!
Oh how I love my mommas cooking! There is nothing like going “home” and getting a good home cooked meal by your mommy! Am I right? She cooked some Barbecue shrimp one night and it was heavenly!!

After the kids went to bed on Saturday night, my mom and dad told us to go out and have fun! Well, okay then! You don’t have to beg me to get a date night with my husband! We went to a place called Tootsies at Pier park! They have great country music and everyone dances! It was so much fun! We met some new friends and had a ball! Thank you mom and dad for letting us go out and spend some much needed time together!
Matt goes back to work next week so this was a great weekend for us to have before everything turns back to our normal!