A Quick Trip to the Beach!

I bet you’ve been wondering where I have been!? Well, we have been busy with these kids (which we don’t mind at the least) and then decided to go to the beach last week to see Moomoo and Pops! We had planned on going from Friday- Tuesday but Matt’s vacation days were denied so we will have to go for a longer trip soon. My dad was in town on Wednesday so he picked me and the babies up at my house and we went ahead to the beach with pops! Matt was going to try and come down after work on Friday and if wouldn’t have made it, I would have brought my moms car back. See? We had everything planned out. 
I was kind of nervous about traveling with JP being just potty trained. He did unbelievable. We stopped twice and both times are because he told us he needed to “peepee weal quick”. One of the stops was on the side of the road because there were no gas stations around but when you got to go, you gotta go. Pops had the honor of taking JP the last stop. I will tell you something funny and because I don’t want to forget this, but when I took him the first time we were in a nasty gas station bathroom. I just held him up while he went so he wouldn’t come in contact with the toilet. After he went, I flushed the toilet with my foot and explained to him that’s how you flush toilets when they are dirty. Well, the rest of the weekend he flushed every single toilet with his foot! It was the funniest thing ever!
My mom had everything setup so nice for us. She went out of her way really. They recently just moved from their PH to a new home. It is so cute and cozy. I think my mom could make a dumpster feel like home though. She has an amazing gift for decorating. We took a tour when we first arrived and looked at everyone’s rooms. The twins room was adorable. And mom had the BIG girl and boy beds. I looked at mom and told her “There is absolutely no way they are going to sleep in those!” I made sure we had a crib and a pac-n-play out just in case but I was willing to try the big beds just to see how they did. UMMMMM.. yeah they slept in them. All.Night. I couldn’t believe it and I was so proud of them! They could tell they had accomplished something too because they were just laughing so hard at each other when they woke up. Maybe its time to get big beds at home?? Am I ready for this?? My babies are growing up so fast!

I think the twins would live in the ocean or right beside it if they could. They love it. They call it the “big water” and talk about it constantly. We went out there one evening when the tide was low. It was perfect for little shorties like mine. The tide was low so there was a big sand bar they could run around on and just be kids. They ran from the waves, chased the birds, hunted for sea shells and played with their pops. My mom and Madelynn came down after she had started dinner and Maddie actually liked it a lot better this time! I was so excited! She didn’t even mind the sand. Honestly, I couldn’t blame anyone for not liking sand. It isn’t any fun to get out of body parts, shoes, clothes and cars.

I absolutely love this picture of my dad and the twins. It tells you everything you need to know about their relationship with him. Jocelynn thinks Pops is a hoot. A great and funny man. JP is just as crazy as he is and the two of them together only cause trouble. But they all love each other so much and it melts my heart to see my kids love my daddy as much as I do. 

 Splash Pad time! We took all of them to the splash pad at the Destin Commons one day! The kids weren’t all that interested in it. I thought they would have fun in it since they had never played with a splash pad before but nope. They literally could have cared less. Maddie (of course) got in on some splash pad action but me and pops had to stay out there to get the twins to play in it.

They were more interested in the choo-choo train that was right beside us. They love trains! After we left the commons we went to the Boardwalk in Destin and walked around before sitting down at Harry T’s for lunch. My mom met us at lunch. I was feeling a little exhausted and stressed out so when my mom got there I just broke down into tears. I just wanted to be alone for a minute. A break for just ONE minute. I rarely get those at home and I just wanted one since I knew my parents are more than capable of making that happen for me. After a yummy lunch, my mom took all three kids home with her. Destin is about a 45 minute drive from where they live so they all napped in the car. My dad stayed with me and we went shopping! He didn’t understand why I had or was crying. I don’t think anyone will ever understand unless you are in my position. Three kids, 2.5 and under, all day, every day. It tends to make you a little nuts sometimes when you have no help. I love it but it is hard some days.

Matt got to the beach on Friday evening! He misses us like crazy when we are gone so I knew he would come. He loves his family and I love him for that. We went to the beach Saturday morning and had some fun in the sun. Built sand castles, played in the water and ran from the big waves. It was perfect. Maddie was taking a nap when we first got out there. I feel like I didn’t take any pictures of that child. She is such a moo-moos baby and loves being with her moo moo any chance she gets. Her and mom came down after she woke up from her nap but me and Matt left to go snapper fishing!

We let a few get off but we did get two! Matt caught one pretty good one too! The worst thing about deep sea fishing to me is getting out of the “bass-fisherman way” of doing things. You aren’t suppose to hook the fish or jerk the bait. Nothing. All you do is reel and its so frustrating because when you do those things you’ve known all your life it causes the salt water fish to get off somehow. Oh well, we live and learn and maybe next time we will do even better.

An H&M store opened up at the Commons in Destin and it was AMAZING! Ive always heard about them but have never been. I think the closest one to me is about 3 hours away. It was so inexpensive but feels like great quality clothing! Here are some goodies I found!! 

I actually got the cowboy boots on the Boardwalk but I love them so I had to throw a picture of them in here!

 How cute are the overalls?!?!?!

Ive been following Shop Ella Madison for a little over a year now. I saw last year that she had opened up a store front in Destin so I went by to show some love and support! She has the cutest clothes and she might be the cutest and sweetest person ever! Stop by there if you get a chance or visit her website!