A Weekend of friends, family and a flare-up

Last weekend was #HENCATION2015!! I have known these girls for a couple years now but never have we all actually met. We met through blogging, twitter and IG. I had text with most of them about two years ago and when we all had a common thing to talk about; which was Whitney finding out she was pregnant right before she was suppose to take shots for infertility, we all started a group text. We have been talking on group text since then. These girls mean so much to me and have been there for me through ups and downs and I don’t know what I would do without them! They all met for the first time last year in Dallas but I wasn’t able to make it because my family went to the beach that weekend. I had met Lindsay several times before because she lives in Homewood and I ate diner with Whitney once before when she came up to visit her sister Lindsay. Ive been talking to Amanda a whole year longer than the others so I felt like I knew her, I just had never met her IRL. And then there is sweet Brittany! She is from Washington (we say she lives in Canada because she is that close to it). She is the sweetest thing and I couldn’t wait to meet her and give her a big fat hug, since she hates hugs and all. By the way, who hates hugs? Come on, Brit!
Whitney and Amanda flew in from Texas last Wednesday night and stayed with Lindsay. Brit flew in Thursday morning and I met them at Lindsay’s house before they went to lunch. I had to go get Moo-moo from the airport! I had planned on my mom coming for this weekend for a while! I knew I wanted to hang with my girls so I made sure Matt would have help for the weekend. After I picked moomoo up we stopped by the Fresh Market and grabbed some goodies. Wine, cheese, chocolate, chicken salad, more chocolate and fresh strawberries!! YUMMMM! We had planned for the girls to come to my house Thursday night so we could all watch Scandal together! I was kind of nervous. Which is funny because I am not that type at all. I just wanted everything to look nice for my girls!
They got to our house after the babies had gone to bed. You see, I live in the woods. Not really, but I live southeast of Birmingham in a very small town. The girls had requested a bonfire before hand because they knew we do that often so Matt had started a fire around 2 that day. It was HOT by the time they got there;) 
My girls walked in and we all gave hugs as usual. We themed our Scandal night as an appetizer night and had the most delicious ones. Whipped feta with marinated tomatoes on bruschetta, queso (because..of course), Jalapeno Popper dip, and more! I had wine already popped and we dove into the food and alcohol, for the ones who drink. We talked and I gave a tour of the house. I even took them into the babies rooms, turned the lights on to let them see the babies and rooms. The babies didn’t even flinch. I kind of love watching them sleep and the girls did too;)
We sat by the fire for a while and talked. There was a lot of laughing too. We went inside to watch Scandal and in the middle of it a plank contest broke out between Lindsay and Whitney. Lindsay won! These girls crack me up! 

Friday I woke up and felt kind of tired and just figured it was because I didn’t sleep good the night before. Little did I know I was about to flareup from the wine. Who knew wine would make Lupus flareup? I sure didn’t. Anyways, I left our house and met the girls for lunch at Chicken Salad Chick! OMG! It was just as yummy as everyone says! After lunch we did some shopping in downtown Homewood! I love the main street in Homewood. Always have. There are so many cute stores!! After hours of shopping, and I do mean hours, we went and got pedicures and gel nails! I was terrified it would hurt my feet because that’s really the main thing that bothers me lately but since my feet had been freezing all day long, it felt wonderful. It was nice to be pampered. The last time I got a pedicure was when I was pregnant with Maddie! We then went to Aloft hotel in Homewood to get ready for dinner! I did Lindsay’s makeup and whits hair! So fun to have some girl time! We went and ate at Jacksons. OMG. It was awesome. One more thing about these girls, they love and appreciate food as much as I do!! Who wouldn’t? You’re crazy if you don’t go all out when you are with your girls!

 What is a fun girls night without some silly pictures??

Then the food… Appetizers were crap hush puppies, loaded fries and a creamy garlic spinach dip!! DELICIOUS! I got a flank steak sandwich and the girls got shrimp and grits, an Alfredo pasta with chicken and pork chop. Everything was good. Even the cookie dough egg rolls. Yup, you heard that right. I didn’t try that because I am not a fan of egg rolls but the girls seemed to like it.

I went home after dinner. I knew if I pushed myself too hard I would hurt a lot more than I already was. I am glad I went home because my body was killing me and I didn’t bring my meds with me. I hate that I missed more time with my girls, but something I have learned as an adult and being diagnosed with Lupus is I have to put my body first. 
Saturday I woke up in some pain but I really wanted to spend some more time with them. I took my medicine and met them up at the summit for lunch and shopping! We ate at Urban Cookhouse! I had a BALT (bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomato) sandwich. It was unbelievable. I had some tasks I needed to do after eating so we split up a little bit. I went to Express to find me some shorts and then I went to Belk to get some clothes for the kids half off! I met the girls back at their house one last time. I was hurting bad so I wanted to get home. I stopped by and hugged their necks one last time and told them I loved them! Because I do, I love those girls! So glad I got to see them and hate that I had a flare-up but with lupus; shit happens. 
Sunday was an even worse day for me. My body was so tired and my feet were numb but hurting. If that makes sense at all. I spent most of the day on the couch cuddling my babies. Aunt Jill came over too and played with the babies and Moomoo helped me clean the house.

Maddie found her a commutable seat in Aunt Jill’s rear end! I laughed so hard at this!

We aren’t doing nap time with the twins anymore. It just makes bedtime so hard. Monday was the first day I deliberately made them not nap and they were exhausted by 6:30. They cuddled on the couch and it melted my heart. If no naps makes them love each other again, I will take it. LOL just kidding, they love each other. I know they do, but lots more fights go on now than they did before. I love my babies so much. So proud of them and I cant believe they are big enough for this.