HEY there! I have been so busy with this birthday party that I haven’t had time to sit down! I am so excited to show yall everything and hopefully ill have everything done/together by the time their party is here… which is next Saturday!!

So instead of spreading it out (which I should do) I’m going to try and update yall on everything in this one post!!

The babies are finally starting to feel better! I just hope they stay that way.. 1-because they are so pitiful when sick and 2-because I want them to feel great for their FIRST Christmas and FIRST birthday!

We went and saw Santa a few weeks ago! I think it would’ve gone better if Jocelynn had felt up to it but she cried the whole way there. Needless to say, she was already mad when we arrived. I love crying baby pics with santa though, hah! I think it makes it that much more fun!


We finally finished our Christmas shopping last weekend! Thanks to a wonderful friend who babysat while we got everything done we needed to. We didn’t really feel comferatable bringing the babies with us with all of the shootings going on lately. We had a few shootings locally in just that one day. I cant imagine what the parents are going thru who lost one of their own in the Connecticut shooting. I’ve been holding my babies extra tight and saying a prayer for those little babies and mothers. Our friend kept sending us photos of JP and Jocelynn the whole time so we knew they were ok and they are the cutest pics!


I love Jocelynn’s little “piggy” face! JP is getting FOUR teeth in right now and when he don’t feel good he just sleeps! I cracked up at the picture of him sleeping by the tree! Thank you April!!

Nugget Update~ The little nugget isnt so little anymore! That’s right, the belly is poking out big time and my belly button is poking out a little bit too!


Can you believe ill be 24 weeks tomorrow? This pregnancy is going by super fast! My blood sugar test is the 26th. How fair is that? The day after Christmas. Guess I better eat all that cake before;)

Jocelynn is done with headbands and bows. She hates them on her head, So I found a way that she wont mess with it!! A pony on top!!


The babies still haven’t been sleeping very great and I’m thinking its because of this cold and teething. They are usually such great sleepers. Well, my mom knew I hadn’t been getting much sleep so she came and stayed with us a few days to help me out! You know your mommy loves you when she drives 6 hours just to help you;) Or should I say she loves her grandbabies?

Me and the babies have been going stir-crazy since we’ve been staying at home a lot lately. With mom here we decided to go to the mall for a day! The babies did great, as they always do, and we had so much fun! We even had some Sbarro pizza for lunch!


Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!! Travel safe and be careful!


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!