And the blog goes UP DOWN, up down, UP DOWN

Have y’all heard the song “Up down. up down” by Morgan Wallen ft Florida Georgia line? It’s a pretty good one. I can’t help but think about everything in life when I hear it because life itself is an up down, up down ride. 

I realize since my mom was diagnosed with cancer I haven’t been that great at blogging. Actually, that’s an understatement. I have pretty much PERIOD. And gosh, I feel like I haven’t gotten any of our lives written down and I am going to forget all of the important things that have happened in these past two years. For now, I am setting a realistic goal for myself and promising myself to blog at least once a week to get things written down about the kids and our family. I think I am more than capable of doing that. 

A lot has happened in the past couple months, from opening day of dove season, Jocelynn making Home-coming court, Halloween and we have a new puppy! 

Just so much fun happening in this busy life and I can’t wait to share pictures and more about it all. So until then go listen to the song.. UP down, up down, up down. It really gets stuck in your head.