Holiday Home Tour

Anyone interested in a home tour of our new place? I have one better, how about a holiday home tour! I love Christmas time so much, it’s just a truly special, magical holiday. My mom loved Christmas too and always went all out for it so I am following her footsteps and it literally looks like Christmas threw up all over our house and it makes me so happy! Some of the things have been in our family for over 30 years. Having them all in our home this year makes this christmas just that more special. So welcome to our home! Hope you love it as much as we do!

I LOVE having a fireplace now. I love it when it is actually cold outside but it is a lot of fun to decorate around too. 

Yes that’s a pool table. Right in the middle of the room. No we don’t even use it. Well, we’ve used it a couple of times. It is incredibly heavy so we can’t move it so we are trying to sell it. Eventually this area will be the formal dining area.

M favorite part of the house. I love having a big kitchen. I love cooking and so do my kids. I plan on years of wonderful memories making yummy food right here.

I had to throw in some cheesy ornament photos because we have so many memories on this tree. This gingerbread man was made by me in 1993. Then on the other side of the tree we have all the ornaments our babies have made the past few years. I love how something so small can mean so much and something so big, like a christmas tree, hold so many memories.

Do you remember these little light up trees when you were little? This one right here was my dads moms! Yes, over 30 years old. I got it out of my moms christmas decorations and it brought back so many memories. The kids have loved looking at this and playing with the bulbs.

There is a bedroom downstairs I use as my office, a playroom, bathroom and utility room. Ill show pictures of the playroom in the next post but my office? Yeah, that’s a different story right now. It has been used as my wrapping room lately! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday week!!

Our New Home!

I know most of you know by now that we have moved!! Especially if you follow me on IG or twitter, but if you don’t then let me tell you again, WE HAVE MOVED!!!

We have been looking for a very long time. We had a contract on a house that me and Matt fell in love with this past April but we needed to sell our house first in order for it to workout. Well, someone swooped in under our contract and we just couldn’t do what we needed to at that time to save it. Have you heard that saying “everything happens for a reason”? Well, in this case it is completely true. We have our dream home and if it wasn’t for us losing the other house we probably wouldn’t be here. We made our offer to the seller and actually ended up getting an offer on ours that same week. We closed on everything my birthday and it was the best.birthday.present.ever. I am so happy and ecstatic for our family. We are going to have a long life here full of friends and family to help us make memories.

We are still on the lake, thank goodness; that’s something we both did not want to do without. Theres just something about waking up and looking at the lake. Peace of mind I guess. We have a very big lot all to ourselves that makes a point onto the lake so it is very private which is great if Maddie is your daughter because you know…. all of the nakedness that goes on with that child. We have a pier and a boat ramp! We will build a boat house in the future but for now it will definitely do. There is a huge driveway!! Y’all might not think that is a big thing but it is to us who had a gravel driveway before and it is to our kids since they can ride their bikes right at home! The house has an amazing wrap around porch which is one of my favorites, I have always wanted a big porch. Matt even has his own little shop too! A building that’s up near the top of our lot and its all his! Complete with tools, a lawnmower and about to have a pool table in there too. He is head over heels in love with the fact he has his own space.

Our home has 4 bedrooms with an additional open room and 4 baths. Guess what? I have my own space too!!! I am using one of the rooms as a craft room. Why not a guest bedroom you ask? Ummm, because I have been working out of a closet for 4 years now and want to be able to move both my elbows up and down without hitting them on a door LOL. I have big plans and hopes for things I want to accomplish and me having my own space will help that. I might make it into a guest room one day but for now I am calling it all mine. JP has his own room and the girls share a room. All of our bedrooms are on the second floor and the craft room and additional room is on the first. The additional room is right off the kitchen and I have made it into a playroom.

I can’t wait to show everything. I am just not quite ready yet! I plan on doing a home tour soon but for now I am giving you pictures of the outside of the house.













It’s been 8 years…

November 15th was our wedding anniversary. Our 8th one as a matter of fact. I have a lot to say about this man of mine and our marriage. It just keeps getting better every year, not even kidding. We keep saying we will go somewhere on our 10th but for now, just enjoying the day!

Tuesday was our anniversary. My baby brought me home a bottle of wine (I have learned I really like Riesling) and a vase of beautiful flowers. Oh, and stuff to make margaritas with queso and chips from the Mexican restaurant! He is the best. We had a ball just drinking, talking and watching the kids play. I cooked one of his favorite meals for dinner which was fried pork chops, green beans, mashed potatoes and crescent rolls. Not very healthy but I will say it was delicious.

Marriage is hard. It is trying, it is wonderful, it’s the best thing. It takes two people to commit and make a marriage the best it can be. You can make it as good as you want or not try at all. Well, we chose to make each other and our relationship our first priority. Many years ago we had a sit down and asked each other how we could make this relationship better. I am not going to lie, it is very hard after having kids and this is when that conversation occurred. He told me things and I told him. We both listened to each other, did those things and 4 years later we are the happiest in our marriage than we’ve ever been. All it takes is a little communication and a whole lot of dedication if you truly love the one you’re with, and I do love mine with all of my heart.


You are my best friend. There is no doubt about that. You are my person I go to with everything, or nothing at all. You listen to me when I need to be listened to you and you’ll sit with me when I just want to cry and be held but not talk about it. You understand me, you know me just like I know you. You are the best father to our kids that I could have ever imagined. They see you as their super hero. You are strong and their security blanket; as well mine. I love the way our babies look at you and I love it when I catch you staring at them. We have been through some rough times but have made it out stronger and more in love than ever. We have three beautiful blessings that we thought would never happen and we are both head over heels in love with them. I thank God for you everyday. I would not have been able to make it through this past year without you baby. From losing Roxanne and then my mom passing months later, its been a terribly tough year. One that no one should have to experience at a young age. But you’ve been my rock through it all. I want to thank you for that. You are my everything and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you, my best friend, my soul mate, my lover, by my side.

Warning, there is about to be a picture overload. I have been looking through all of our old photos and it just makes me so happy. We started dating when I was 16 and he was 19 so we have so many memories already and I want to show some of them here through pictures!



We aren’t the tallest people. I will never forget when we started dating you told me you had never had a girl look up to you. I thought this was so funny and perfect. I love looking up to you, you have a perfect spot right in your arms that I fit in. I love that spot, its my safe spot.


img_7819 img_6424



We have so much fun together. I am so lucky to be able to say that because I know a lot of couples who need friends to have a goof time but we just love doing things together. From going out (when we can get a baby-sitter) to fishing. We usually end up laughing most of the time, or talking about the kids when they aren’t with us (why does everyone do this?) and having just a good time. Sitting here writing this makes me realize even more how blessed I am to have this wonderful man in my life. Looking at all of these pictures and remembering all the things we’ve done through and accomplished together, it’s so rewarding.

I know you might get annoyed of me sometimes, I do tend to talk a lot whenever we get to go places by ourselves. It is only because I don’t talk to a whole lot of grown ups during the day though hah. You understand I need that and I know you think I am funny too. I am pretty funny, I must say LOL. Ok not really but a dork I might be for real. I just love that we can make each other laugh like no other.




We both knew we wanted kids as soon as possible. I hate to admit it but we had been shaking up for 6 years already, it’s not like we didn’t know anything about the other person. So as soon as we got married you bet your butt we started trying. 3 years passed by and we had one miscarriage and a lot of negative at home pregnancy tests. We decided to take that next step to see what was going on so we went to the A.R.T clinic at Brookwood hospital in Birmingham, AL; which by the way I would highly recommend. We found out the problem and learned we could not conceive a child on our own. We were both devastated and shocked. Another year passed and it was time to do our official round of IVF. Thank God it worked. We had our babies 9 months later!! I remember the first time Matt held them. They rolled me into recovery and this is what I saw…


One proud daddy.

beach and pool 024




Then God blessed us again….


Talk about complete shock. Utterly shocked but so happy. Maddie was the best thing that ever happened to us after the twins. She has so much personality, she’s so much like my mom too, which I love. Maddie has been head over heels for her daddy since she was born and I know exactly why!



I never thought the day would come where I would see Matt feel so natural being a parent. I knew he was good with kids and I witnessed his love for babies many times but seeing your own husband with your children together is something else. I fell in love all over again with him when I saw how good of a daddy he was and to this day he still finds ways to impress me with our babies.




I understand this post is turning more into a story about our life but I want everyone to know how much this man means to me.







We agree on parenting. I take his back and he takes mine. There is no good cop bad cop here, we are both good or bad at the same time. We are a team when it comes to the kids. I love parenting with Matt. He makes it fun and interesting for sure and has taught me a lot.





Happy 8 years to my one and only. I cant wait to see what life has in store for us over the next 8 years. Looking forward to spending all my days beside you baby and living life to the fullest.

Halloween 2016

This marks the first Halloween of my kids lives that their mommy did not make some or all of their costumes. It really made me kind of sad. Although it is time consuming I really do love it and their past costumes have been awesome because of it. But my little ones wanted to be costumes they could buy this year. Maybe next year I can find something I will be able to hand make again?

To start out our Halloween festivities me and my sister-in-law, Brooke, took the kids to a fall festival the week before Halloween. It was at a local small church, Russel Chapel Church, and it was so fun. I was seriously impressed with everything they did this year. We started out at the trunk or treat, of course. Then they had a small pumpkin patch setup where the kids could pick a pumpkin and then sit at a table to paint it. How adorable?! And talk about right up my kids alley. While we waited on the pumpkins to dry we went and let the kids jump in the bounce houses. I told Brooke we should walk inside to see if we could win a cake for the cake walk so we could indulge in sweets too after the kids went to bed! We went inside and did the cake walk. The first time Brooke won a cake and the second time I did! Talk about meant to be, right? LOL. The cakes were delicious. We let the kids get their faces painted and jump a little bit longer before heading back home. They were all beat down tired so I hid the candy and put mine to bed while the cousins loaded up in their car to go home.

img_8767 img_8768 img_8771


During the week before Halloween, our preschool did some fun dress up days for the kids. We had farmer day one day and then Halloween parties the next. Farmers day was a day where the kids could dress up as a farmer or farm animal and mine chose to be farmers. I did what I could dressing Maddie as a farmer with her dress fetish.

We had a great Halloween. I spent the day with my girls cooking yummy treats and making memories. Just like my mom use to do for me. My mom loved Halloween so much. She use to make it so special for us when we were younger, as she did with everyone else. I am talking the works for Halloween though, from dry ice in punch, dry ice in cauldrons on the porch to green died cheese dip. She also use to have the best costumes, I remember one year she paid a lot of money to dress up as an alien who held its own head. It was hilarious but also very spooky. I thrive to be like her. Which is why I went out of my way to make a mess of our kitchen this year and just have fun with the kids making treats and getting Halloween ready.




There isn’t much trick or treating where we live. We usually just take the kids to a few houses and let them experience the ringing of the door bell to sing that incredibly cute rhyme about underwear;).

When daddy got home from work we finished getting our PJ Masks ready to go trick or treat a few houses. We went to a few of our friends houses to show the kids off and then to our favorite house which is pawpaws! JP told his pawpaw if he didn’t have any candy he would just take a $20. We laughed so hard. I love these kids of mine. If anyone were to give him a $20 for not having candy, it would be his pawpaw because pawpaw don’t like feeling guilty. Turned out pawpaw had plenty of treats for them so they were just as satisfied with candy as they would’ve been with that money, possibly more. When we got home we ate our hotdogs, green cheese dip and other treats, I let the kids choose 2 pieces of candy to eat before bed and told them they could have more the next day. It was a great Halloween. Every holiday is great one as long as I get to spend it with the people I love the most in this world.


Cheeseburger Soup

I posted a picture of the Cheeseburger soup I cooked last night on Instagram and it was a hit. I had a lot of requests asking for the recipe so I figured I would share it here as well! I have to say it was delicious!! Even the children approved and it helped us get warm on these chilly nights we’ve been having!

I did do a couple of things different from the actual recipe called for. I used canned potatoes and carrots instead of fresh because I didn’t have any on hand. The husband isn’t a huge celery fan and I did not have any of that either so I stirred in a can of cream of celery instead which made it so yum!! One of my favorite soups I have cooked in a while and so easy! Hope y’all enjoy as much as we did!



Tuesday’s Random Ramblings

I have a lot to blog about. When I say “a lot”, I mean A LOT. So much has happened in our life and around us in these past months and I can’t wait to share it all. I am still having a hard time dealing with my moms passing and just haven’t wanted to blog as much and was comforted by the presence of family, my babies and my sweet husband. I have been thinking of my mom more often lately and I know she would want me to hop back on the wagon of something I truly love doing so here’s to hoping me and this blog can start a new relationship three times over and make it last, hoping nothing else bad happens. I have had enough loss this year to last a lifetime and I am ready for a positive happy year to come forward. Lets get to it…a few things I need to catch up on and then get to blogging some actual posts!!

  • My birthday was wonderful. It was also extremely hard. My mom made my birthday so special every year, no matter where she was. I missed having that phone call and her singing me the happy birthday song. Like I said, hard. We spent the day as a family of 5 and then went to dinner with my dad, his friends, my sister and her family, my brother and all of us at Outback. I’ve been asking for a laptop for a few years now and finally got a Macbook!! I was thrilled! Having an auto-immune disease causes me to have extreme fatigue sometimes so I lay in bed earlier at night to help that and my pains. Now that I have a laptop I can blog from my bed!


  • My babies were the PJ Masks for Halloween. They were unbelievably adorable and had a ball at every Halloween celebration we had. Cant wait to share photos!


  • Me and Matt started fishing a couples tournament trail together a few weeks ago and won! I even got big fish! Our next tournament is this weekend on Lake Logan Martin and Matt is pretty confident we will win that one too! Maybe we should just quit our jobs and fish pro together?


  • WE MOVED!! That’s right! We sold our little double wide trailer and moved into our dream home mid October. In fact the day we closed on it all was the day of my birthday, so it was a pretty good birthday because of that! Its been a long time coming getting this house. We’ve been working on it since before my mom passed. She wanted this so bad for us and we tried our best to make it happen but we couldn’t move it a long as fast as we wanted. I know she’s been tugging her strings in heaven and helping us out because everything went so smoothly. I know she had a lot to do with it.


  • I seriously cannot believe it is November. This year has gone by so fast and Christmas will be here before we know it! I haven’t even started shopping! I am usually done by now too. Have  you started yet? I need motivation!


  • This month is our anniversary month and we will celebrate 8 years. Hoping we will be able to do something special this year. Through everything this year I have leaned on Matt a whole lot more than I usually do or have and our relationship is stronger than ever. I can truly say I love him now more than the day I married him and more happy than I ever thought I would/could be in a relationship. I am a lucky one and hope to show him how much he means to me. Any ideas for celebrating a special anniversary in Birmingham??

I think that’s about all I need to catch up on before I write each post! Hope everyone voted today and no matter the turn out that this country come together and clean up whats going on. That we all find a way to get a long so we can raise our children in a world we feel comfortable in. Because frankly? Right now, I would totally dig a hole to live in than raise my children in this world right now. It has to get better at some point right? That or jesus will be coming back soon.

It Comes in Waves

imageThe pain and the emotions from losing a parent comes in waves. It has been three and a half weeks since my mommy went to heaven. I felt ok last week and didn’t think about it as often because I stayed busy. This week? It has been as hard this week as the day we said goodbye to her and put her in the ground. My aunt described what I feel perfectly. It’s as if she has been on vacation the past few weeks and now is the time when I would talk to her; yet I can’t. So then it becomes even more real, I just can’t talk to her at all. Well, I can talk to her but I can’t hear her sweet voice back. I think it has finally sank in this week, in the pit of my stomach, in all of my brain and it’s been very hard. All I want to do is lock myself in a bathroom and cry until I can’t anymore, and I would have to go into a bathroom because as soon as my kids see one tear fall down my cheek they start crying too. I want them to know its ok to feel this, it’s ok to be sad but gosh it breaks my heart to see them cry.

This week it all started at work on Tuesday. I am teaching a 3-year-old class this year with a sweet woman Miss Kellie. We have 12 three-year olds and half of them have never been to preschool before so they ask for mommy and daddy a lot during the day. There’s this one girl in my class and she had a rough time the first week. She’s had much better days lately. Well, on Tuesday I was sitting at the table with her playing with puzzles. I looked at her with her beautiful smile and told her “your mommy is going to be so proud of you!” She looked back at me and pointed while saying “well, I think you mom is so proud of you!” I found myself staring into space for a minute picturing my mom. Then I started missing her all over again and wanted to just lay down and cry. I wish I could touch her and hear her voice so bad it physically and mentally hurts me more than you’ll ever know. I need her to tell me it’s going to be ok, I just need her so bad right now.

My littles are supposed to go three days a week this year. Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. I’m off on Wednesdays so I can have “me time”. Well today I just kept them home. I ended up crying all night last night and just didn’t want to move when I woke up this morning. So I told the babies we would stay home and have fun. I did the usual; laundry, dishes, filled orders for my etsy shop and ect. Trying to take my mind off of it but I found myself wanting to break down Then I finally sat down on the couch with the twins to put our new photos in our photo album. I order 85 prints a month from the app Freeprints and this is a thing we all like to do together. I had forgotten that I ordered more up to date photos this past time and most of them included my dear mom. I saw her face on those pictures and the tears just rolled down. I couldn’t control them like I usually can, it was like I just needed to cry. I kept looking through the photos thinking I am never going to take another photo of her again, I’m never going to see her again, or touch and hear her. It just all hit me like a damn tidal wave. The twins then joined in with me saying they wanted their moomoo and they missed her so bad. So what was a bonding moment turned into a crying cuddle session. I think we all needed it. I know I did. I’m usually good about holding back the emotions but it has just been different this week. I can’t control them. Maybe next week will be a better week.

I pray that you never feel the pain of losing your mom or dad at such a young age. Those of you who have, I am so sorry. This pain is indescribable. It hurts, it is destroying me. It’s so unfair and I hate every second of this. I thank god for my kids because they along with my husband keep me going.

I know a lot of people are tired of hearing my hurt and my anger on here and my Instagram. Just bare with me, pray for me and my family. If you have already just know that I am truly appreciative for everything. I am ready to get back blogging for things I love to do. Like crafts with my babies, recipes and more. But for now, please just bare with me and pray for me. Love to you all.

image image

Bye MooMoo

I haven’t brought myself to actually post this yet. I keep going over and over it and for some reason I just couldn’t do it until now. I really dont want to do it but I want to remember how I felt, I want my kids to know how loved their moomoo was.

My sweet mother went to be with God at 12 on Sunday August 21st. I had been debating going up there all morning and right when I had decided to go my dad called me with that news. It hit me like a bag of bricks. Even though we had been expecting it, it had happened. She was gone and the fact that I would never see her again or hear her voice made it hard to catch my breath. I still can’t understand why this happened to her. She was the best. Just one amazing women that anyone would have been in the presence of true happiness when meeting.


After my dad told me the news, I knew it was time to tell the kids. I just needed to do it. Matt was fishing that day and as much as I wanted to tell him, I didnt have the heart to call and tell him the news until after his weigh in. My husband loved that woman as much as I did and I knew it would’ve affected him and ruin his day. I wanted him to be able to have fun with his dad before I told him the news. I felt like I needed to do it by myself with my babies. I sat them down and I was already crying. They knew something was wrong. I cry often a lot lately and whenever I cry, they cry which is why it’s very hard to let all my emotions out. I hate hurting them. I literally have the most feeling children in the world. I told them I needed to talk to them about something. I turned off the tv and we all sat on the couch together. They simply asked me “whats wrong momma?” I then told them “Y’all know how moomoo was really sick? Well, she went to heaven earlier and we won’t be able to see her anymore but we can still talk to her as much as we want”. They lost it, I lost it. They started screaming saying they wanted their moomoo. I just held them and they held me while we all cried. Then Jocelynn looked at me and said “Does this mean you won’t have a mom anymore?” I replied “Yes, baby. But I know she’ll always love me and I will always love her”. I started bawling again because Jocelynn said she was so sad for me. We sat there longer and continued to cry, then we prayed to God and then to moomoo. After about an hour I made them realize its not a bad thing. As much as we will miss moomoo, we are glad she is out of pain and cancer free. She is living her life but in heaven now and one day we will see her again. They got better throughout the rest of the day but me? Not so much.


My mom was my best friend. I have said it on here so many times but she was. She was also the best mom in the world. I wish I could talk to her right now because she would tell me everything is going to be ok. I have a couple voicemail on my phone from her and I wish I could put them on here, it just shows how selfless she was. One of them is right after she was diagnosed with cancer. She was calling me to check on me and see how I was doing, after SHE had been diagnosed. Like I said selfless. I listened to them the week she went to heaven but haven’t been able to since, I am just not stable enough to listen to them right now. As much as I want to.

That Thursday night we had a visitation where family and friends could come pay respects to us. There wasn’t a body because mom didn’t want that. We had discussed all of that previously and she just wanted people to come and be happy instead of sad. Which definitely didn’t happen because it was very hard. It was so hard seeing everyone from our past, when we were kids and moms past. It was just extremely hard. Talk about a loved woman, there was so many people who came to pay their respects. I could not believe how many people showed up. I made a video collage of pictures of mom for that night. Talk about difficult. I just ended up crying that entire day. When we got home I just loved on the babies, they sure do make everything better.

I thought I was better on Friday morning but when we got to the grave site I was wrong. It bothered me tremendously that my mom was in that casket. A box about to go in the ground. It just made it so surreal and I panicked. I felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest it was beating so hard and the tears started to roll. It hit me in a very intense way that day that she was never going to be in my life again. In my children’s life again. Never will I hear that beautiful contagious laugh one more time, or be able to call her when I didn’t have anything to talk about. That hit me. My sweet daddy did the service by himself. He did an amazing job and held it together. I couldn’t believe how well he did, he spoke very kind words of her and told a story I didn’t even know about my mom and it made all of us feel good. He told us that when they lived in Houston he would come home from work to find mom making huge pots of soup. She told him she was going to take it down to the homeless. He got mad, he got frustrated because it was dangerous and it was a lot of money. But as usual mom got her way, so he drove her. Mom took huge pots of soup to some street (I can’t remember but dad said it) and handed out bowls of soup to these homeless people. The police pulled up and told her she cant do that and she replied “Well, who’s going to take care of these people? I am not leaving”. That was mom. I love her so much and always will. I’m going to miss her like crazy and selfishly want her back but on my selfless side I do know she’s cancer free and out of pain.



I love you momma, I hope you are rejoicing with the Lord and feeling great living in a beautiful place.

IMG_7990 IMG_7998






A Goodbye, before the Goodbye

Never did I think I would ever be saying goodbye to my mom at such a young age. Which I don’t think at any age its easy losing a parent. There comes a point though where if you’ve watched them suffer and are in so much pain, you become selfless and want God to take them instead of wishing them more pain just so they can stay around. That is where I am at. Yes, it sucks. It fucking sucks more than you’ll ever know, unless you’ve lost a parent and know the feeling. I want my mom. I want my best friend. I want to do so much with that woman but we can’t. Not anymore. Its time for her to go to her home where she will live a happy, pain free life the rest of her life and we will see her again one day. It will be the best day ever when we do. No my mom isn’t gone yet but its evident it won’t be too much longer.

As of Sunday her kidneys were starting to fail. Once they fail her other organs will but I will tell you this, that woman even fights to die. She amazes me. Most people half her age couldn’t have gone through what she has and still be a live right now. Her heart and lungs are as strong as ever. Its sad watching this slow process because I know she is ready but me and her are able to laugh about it too because what else are you going to do? The amount of pain medicine she takes would put me in a coma for sure but I am so glad she is FINALLY comfortable. We’ve had a lot of problems with pain medicine and nurses and we’ve finally found a way to keep her out of pain during this and that makes me so happy. It makes her very happy too. She is able to tolerate everyone visiting and her grandkids running around making a racket now. That’s all she wanted.

I have been visiting her for short amount of times this past week. With sick babies and work starting I can’t stay all day. I would sit there all day with her though if I could and if she wanted me to. She tells me to go take care of my family just like she would and I respect her so much for that. We have laughed so much in the past week, we’ve cried even more and also just sat while holding hands. Can I just tell you right now how funny my mom is? Even on her death-bed she finds a way to make me laugh which makes me cry, and then she’ll stop my crying by making me laugh again. It can be the most stupid thing in the world, like her body making the weirdest noises right now and us not knowing what it is, she looks at me like what the hell is that? I look back at her and we burst in a crying laughter. Like I said the most amazing woman I know. I hope I am just like her, I will live my life to be as wonderful and giving as she always has been.

I’m not saying Goodbye (although the post title states otherwise). I am saying “Until I see you again”. I know that for sure. I can’t say Goodbye. Not to my mom, I won’t do it.


You are the most selfless person I have ever had the honor of knowing. You give to people even when you should be the one who’s given to. You are the best mom in the world. I remember doing so much as a child, you took us everywhere. Even to Disney World all by yourself, multiple times with 3 kids. I don’t know how you did it. You were strict but you were also my best friend. You were the one I came to when I liked a boy, when a boy broke my heart and when I finally met the one I knew I would spend the rest of my life with, I came to you to tell you everything. Your beauty is inside and out, you are a beautiful woman. You shine and you’ve always been a light in my eye. One that I hope to achieve to be just like. I love that we developed an even closer bond as I became an adult. You are my best friend, my only friend I know I can count on when needed. When Maddie was born you and her developed a special relationship. Mom, she is just like you. I look at her and her happiness is contagious. Just like you. I am so thankful you and Maddie were able to develop that bond, and recently you and Jocelynn have gotten very close. I see your compassion for people and your love to give in her. She is going to miss you dearly and its going to be hard, but know I will do everything in my power to make her know you. Not to forget how loving, caring and giving you were and most of all how much you love her. I love you with all of my heart momma. It is ok to go, we are fine. I know you love hearing that. That’s one thing that drove you crazy was whenever I said “I’m fine”. Your response was always “fine isn’t a feeling!!” But we are or we will be. Its going to be hard and I dread every single day after but I am so unbelievably thankful for having a mom like you. Thankful for even knowing someone like you in my lifetime. I love you more than life mom. Until I see you again…..

p.s –  (from Jocelynn) If you can, throw the ball for Roxanne a couple of times and tell her we will see her again too.





The Vanzant’s Summer

I would say, besides everything that has been going on with my mom, that this summer has been our best. We have had so much fun as a family and have done plenty of things. I want to share with you everything we’ve enjoyed doing this summer!


Lord knows we do plenty of fishing around here. Preferably bass fishing but we also love to bream and catfish. The kids have grown up doing this with us and they love it as much as we do, if not more. JP even goes down to the water in the backyard in the evenings, BY HIMSELF, and fishes off the bank. He has even caught a really good one all by himself while Matt was cutting the grass. It is adorable watching them develop a hobby that we love just as much.


We purchased a pontoon in the spring time and I would say its the best thing we’ve ever bought, by a long shot. We have used it every single weekend. Between skiing, tubing or just riding we all love and enjoy every minute of being on the pontoon with our friends and family.

  IMG_6831     IMG_6832

The twins love helping daddy drive. JP is amazing when he drives. He already knows where everything on the water is, he knows where pawpaws is, beeswax, our home and most of our friends. He also knows he is supposed to not have a wake when he goes under the cedar creek bridge so Matt lets him do it himself. He will be driving full blast and pull back on the throttle when he gets near the bridge. Its hilarious. That boy is quite amazing.




One of my favorite things is to see my babies watching me ski. Or if I am in the boat to see all of these little booties in the seat.



We’ve also been to a creek to float down it. Maybe not float, more like push all of the kids in the boat because the creek was too shallow. It was hilarious. But fun am what a beautiful sight it was.





We celebrated our daddy’s 32nd birthday! The kids love any celebration but especially if it involves their daddy!


We went on a family trip to the beach, we’ve spent a whole lot of time with my mom. Its been a great summer and I would do not do one thing to change it. It was perfect!!