Birthday Wish List

I’ve got a great recipe coming to you tomorrow! I can’t wait to share it with you! Today I want to blog about my upcoming birthday though:)

My birthday is less than a week away and while I’m not excited about getting older (although age is just a number) it doesn’t mean I don’t want to celebrate my birthday any less.

Let me also point out that this will be my first birthday of not being pregnant in over two years! While I did love carrying all my babies I’m SO glad I’m not pregnant this year. Momma gets to have her a couple of drinks on her birthday this year;)

This year I have a couple of things I would really like to have but first of all would just like to wish and pray for happiness and health for me and my family. I told you in my previous post how much pain I have recently been in and it hasn’t gotten any better. My mom is coming in to stay with me soon so she can watch the kids while I go to the doctor.

As you grow older so many things seem less important. The hubs and I haven’t bought each other birthday gifts in a very long time (I’m not saying a would deny one though). We usually just go and celebrate by eating dinner or even just cooking out at home. I love my family so much. While I do love my family and would love to spend more time with them I wouldn’t mind just a couple of hours to myself for my birthday:) is that bad? As moms we don’t get nights and weekends off. Heck we don’t get any time off. I’ve had two times in the past month and a half I’ve gotten away and one of those times was to go grocery shopping. I do know that won’t happen unless my mother decides to come visit so that’s just wishful thinking!;)

There is one thing I would really love. My computer is on its last leg as most laptops are after more than two years. I’m actually blogging from my iPad tonight because my computer wouldn’t even turn on.

I’ve been wanting an actual desktop forever now. I take lots of pictures of the babies and I run out of room quick on laptops. This is an expensive gift and totally selfish of me. So I’m not “asking” for it, I am going to save up and buy me this awesome computer! It might take a couple years or I might finance before I save up but I nneeeeeddd one haha! You can click here to check it out

Isn’t she a beauty? If I can’t afford a Mac desktop I would likes Mac laptop. I’ve heard great things about Mac anything. They are anti virus and most I know have lasted over 5 years. You can click HERE To check it out.

I know I’m only dreaming on those:) Oh well!! I would love to have one of those but when I blow out my candles you better believe I’m not wishing for it. I’m wishing for happiness and health for my beautiful family. After all those are the most important things:)