Black Friday Deals!!

Has anyone gone to look at all the amazing deals on Amazon this morning yet? Don’t have time? Thats ok! Im linking some of the best I have found so far! Making this as easy as I can for you so just click the link when you see a deal that appeals to you.

Some of the best device deals I have found are linked below. My kids have each asked for an amazon alexa of their own, so I am buying the deal on the buy 3 kids!! You can get 3 kids alexas for $99!! Just add 3 to your cart and when checking out the deal will apply!


Toy deals! What us moms are looking for today!


Give the gift of Amazon!!!

Ill be updating this post all day long bringing you some of the best deals! Monday is going to be even better!!! Hurry and sign up for prime so you can enjoy free 2-day shipping and so so many more extras through prime! Happy Shopping!