“Bless Her Heart”

I think the looks I get from people while running errands is hilarious. You know, those looks. Where I’m pushing my buggy with the twins in it and everyone looks at the twins and gives a smile because they are oh so cute and then they smile at me until they look down. They see the belly and give me a sad face like they feel bad for me or even worse.. they’ll say “You have your hands full” or “Bless your heart”. Really people? Did I ask for your opinion?

It might be hard raising twins while being pregnant but I’m not complaining so why are you? I absolutely hate it when people say “Bless your heart” because its as if you are telling me that you feel bad for me. You feel bad for me because I’m going to have my hands full. Or you feel bad for me because I look tired. Well, I’ve got news for you people. I love it.

I love every single part. The part where I’m rushing thru the grocery store because I know my babies aren’t going to be entertained for long. The part where I’m exhausted because I was up all night the night before with my teething babies. The part where I’m holding my sweet angels while feeling the blessing in my stomach kick me. All.Of.It. I waited too long and tried too hard for my babies to complain. Its hard but I love it and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for my babies and my job as a SAHM.

So next time you say “bless your heart” to me I’m going to reply with “Yes, I am very blessed in fact”.