Bringing Madelynn Home

We were so ready to leave the hospital! We wanted to leave the next day because we missed our babies so much but of course we had to stay because of the csection. My mom and friend brought Jocelynn and JP up to the hospital on Wednesday so we could see them and they, the twins, wouldn’t let me hold them or love on them or anything. It broke my heart but I know its just because a lot was happening and they probably felt overwhelmed. They loved Madelynn though! They kept saying “baaayyy-BE” and giving her tons of kisses! And yes, I cried and cried because the twins wouldn’t love on me. I felt like they were mad at me.

Thursday came and after being cleared by the OB and pediatrician we were good to go! I put Maddie in her SheShe gown and bow (who a wonderful friend gifted me) and we left! I was still pretty sore but this recovery has been so much easier than the csection with the twins.

Madelynn Birthday 131Madelynn Birthday 132

We had a few errands to run before going home so it took longer than we wanted it too. The twins didn’t hear us when we walked thru the door so we put Madelynn down on the floor in her carseat and back to the playroom to surprise our angels. They still wouldn’t come to me or even acknowledge me. So again, I bawled like a baby. I didn’t prepare myself for that type of outcome or even think that they would be like that. It was hard but later that night they started coming to me again;)

After surprising them, we asked them “Where is the baby”? And they ran down the hallway to find their baby sister sitting there. JP started laughing at her hysterucally (he is such a clown) and Jocelynn poked her and said repeatedly “bay-be”. They kept giving her non stop kisses and saying “ooohhhh-weee”. It was the sweetest thing in the world. Even though they might be a little bit jealous, there is no denying that they love her.

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We are adjusting to life as a family of five very well. Madelynn doesn’t do much right now but sleep and eat like most newborns do. It is when she will start being awake more often and become mobile will be the hard part. But I am confident in us as parents and all of us as a family that we can do this! It has been so much fun already and I couldn’t imagine our lives without this wonderful miracle.

We had a little bath time fun with Jocelynn and Jp before miss Maddie got her own bath too! And just because I know you are missing seeing pics of the twins…

Madelynn Birthday 146Madelynn Birthday 150Madelynn Birthday 151Madelynn Birthday 152Madelynn Birthday 157Madelynn Birthday 158

Jocelynn has recently started helping us wash bubbas hair! hah! She is so maternal.

Madelynn’s turn!

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