Bubble Guppies 2nd Birthday Party!! Part one

My babies are TWO!! Someone hold me! The age two has hit me a lot harder than one and all I hear i in response to that is that three is harder than two! I guess none of us want to watch our babies get older, do we?

We threw Jocelynn and JP a Bubble Guppy themed birthday party a couple of weekends ago! I haven’t found the time to blog about it (or anything else) because of everything going on right now. We are on the mend though and Matt is starting to feel better too, so Im hoping to catch you up on everything very soon!

The party
was so much fun! I wish it wouldn’t have been raining and freezing outside so we could have played outside but oh well! I guess its going to be freezing and raining every year on their birthday. Maybe start doing their party on their half-birthday? Anyone do that? I hear a lot of people do who have December birthdays.

Anyways, back to the party! We had a small party here at the house and invited close friends and family. The party included everything from a gold fish bar to a hot chocolate/coffee station! Now thats enough talk! Lets get to the pictures!!

I love how the gold fish bar turned out! And what a hit it was! I saw someone do this on Pinterest for an “under the sea” party. I thought it would be cute for the Bubble Guppy party too! Who knew Goldfish came in so many different flavors? i got the hubs to pick up as many flavors as he wanted and he was amazed and possibly a little excited because he got a few. I made the labels with my silhouette! I added this sign and it made it even cuter!
I made the gift tags with my silhouette too! I filled the bags with a nightstick, play dough, candy and tiny mason jars of Goldfish.

The cupcakes. Possibly my favorite “decoration/food” of the whole party. Funfetti has a bright colored line of icing out right now and it matched my theme perfectly! I made the cupcake toppers too! Im glad we chose to do just cupcakes instead of cupcakes and a cake. Much easier and less hassle. Plus Jocelynn and JP LOVE cupcakes!

Here are some pictures of the food! The food:
  • Seaweed Dip- The Pioneer Woman’s Best Spinach Dip
  • Seaside Soup- Taco Soup
  • Clam cookies- Chocolate chip cookies with a buttercream icing in the middle
  • Bubble Bite- Trix cereal made like rice krispy treats shaped into balls with a popsicle stick!

All of the food and decorations turned out so great! Part two coming up soon! I can’t wait to show you!