Christmas Hosts

We hosted 3 different Christmases this year! I am so happy to have a house where we can host everyone. It is all we have ever wanted, a place where our family and friends can come.

Our Christmas festivities started Thursday night with our friends. I think most people call it a “friends-ams”!

I got some beautiful steaks from Costco the day before and more goodies. The boys grilled the steaks while we cooked the rest of the sides inside and he kids played the Wii! This is what Christmas is all about, spending time with the ones you love and oh how I love these people just like family. After all, friends are your chosen family, right?

We all swapped gifts and let the kids open some too! April bought all of the kids super hero capes with their name on the back! They were awesome and everyone loved them!

After the gift giving we let the kids decorate sugar cookies! They had a blast. I did however catch maddie suck the icing right out of the bag instead of piping it onto her cookie! What can I say? She gets it from me…

The kids really did have so much fun. We did too. I love watching kids around this time, the magic that fills their little eyes and hearts is so special. I feel so blessed to have all these people in my life and even more so getting to witness these magical moments amongst cousins and friends.