Christmas Morning

Christmas with kids is so magical. So unbelievably special and so much fun. Every year as they get older proves to be more fun and this year was the best. As we grow older we lose the magic that comes with Christmas because we find out the truth about Santa and we forget a long the way how great it felt to believe in that magic. Well, have kids or be around a child at Christmas time. If you have kids then you know how amazing it is to witness the magical christmas spirit and they help us remember that feeling and to live it through their eyes is pure enjoyment.

This year JP, Jocelynn and Maddie all asked for one thing. JP-a bow and arrow, Joc- a “garbie” doll house (Barbie), and Maddie-a fire-breathing dragon. I seriously have the sweetest kids. They would have been fine if I bought just those three things but I just love Christmas time and my mom made it so awesome for us growing up, I would like to follow in her footsteps. I know present’s are not important and yes, I do know what is important about this time and believe me, so do my children. But buying for them and watching them  open the presents is so fun. The look on their face when they think “I really wanted this, how did santa know?!” can’t even be put into words. Thus, all the pictures you are about to witness in this post.



Maddie was so much fun to watch. She has so much personality and overtime she opened a present she made the best facial expressions. Jocelynn gets kind of nervous opening present’s and doesn’t like to show a lot of reaction and JP opened his presents so fast that Jocelyn and Maddie had just opened up one each.

JP got the coolest walkie talkies. They are face time walkie talkies. He had to show his pawpaw immediately when he came over!!


Maddie isn’t a big baby doll or Barbie kind of girl, I have mentioned before how much she loves her “pets”.AKA her stuffed animals. I found this adorable little wagon so she could pull around her pets and she fell in love with it!!

All 3 kids got so many great gifts!! JP got a big boy fishing pole, bow and arrow and more. Jocelynn got her Barbie house, baby doll, Barbie doll and accessories and more. Maddie got a Hatchimal, more pets, night gowns, and more.

They made it great for me and seeing their little lit up faces make me so happy. It was just a great family day.