Christmas with the families!

We spent Christmas Eve at my moms house. It was amazing. She got good news the day before and its amazing what a tiny ray of hope does for the psyche. She was in great spirits all day long. We ended up going up there a little before she told us to be there so I could help her prepare dinner and make sure everything else was done.

Mom and dad had already been to Fresh Market and Whole Foods to get meat. Mom really wanted to cook prime rib for Christmas eve dinner. She bought prime rib of roast and a filet roast. Mom and I started cooking those shortly after we got there. While the meat cooked, we cleaned the house and made sure everything was good to go. Presents were wrapped for the grand babies, presents were wrapped for the Aycock kids and presents were wrapped for the son-in-laws. Mom went and got dressed while I started cooking the sides and finishing up the meat. I got everything done and mom walked out of her room. She looked beautiful! I was so happy, its been a while since she felt good enough to dress up. I gave her a dress from one of my stitch fix’s that I knew she would love and thats what she wore.

Shortly after we finished cooking and setting up, my sister and her family arrived. Our family was together and that made me so happy. I cant remember the last time we all sat down together to enjoy a meal, yet a holiday. It felt right, it felt as if I were at home.

Dinner was divine. Melt in your mouth prime rib with a horseradish white sauce and more. The prime rib was just my FAVORITE! The it was time to open presents!!

IMG_3465 IMG_3466 IMG_3468 IMG_3475 IMG_3504 IMG_3503

After presents it was time for games!! I setup a little area for the kids for “Snowball Toss”. I put a few bags of marshmallows in a bowl and set a wreath up right across from the bowl. I timed them for one minute and whoever threw the most snowballs through the wreath won! They had a blast!

IMG_3487 IMG_3488 IMG_3489

My dad, mom, me, my brother and my sister!


We played some more games after the kids got done playing theirs. It was truly a magical night filled with close family. I love my family so much and I cannot tell you enough how blessed I feel that they finally live close enough to do holidays with;)


That saturday after Christmas we went to Matts dad, Joey, house. Rhonda had a huge breakfast cooked that we all enjoyed. Then it was present time again! Pawpaw and Chik did good buying for all their grand babies. They got pocket fishing rods that they love! Jocelynn got a pink gun she’s been wanting since last year so she was over the moon. Pawpaw got Maddie a big girl bike and that made her day! All she wants is to be like her bubba and sissy and she is now! I cant believe my 2 year old is as big as her siblings and can ride her very own bike! They even got me a few gifts! A couple Alabama football ornaments and an adorable plate! I feel so blessed to have such great in-laws.


2015 259

2015 263


Then off to Milly’s, Aka Matts mom Cathy. We had a blast there too! Milly cooked homemade popcorn in her new popcorn maker and had snacks galore. Present opening time came after everyone arrived and ate! I think the kids thought the unwrapping of the presents during all of our Christmases was more fun than playing with the actual toys. Cathy did a great job buying for everyone too! Everyone had so much fun and enjoyed the company of cousins and family! millys

I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful holiday but I am glad it has passed. I reclaimed my house that weekend and found new homes for all of the new toys. I love Christmas time but it is exhausting, am I right?