Christmas with the Family

We hosted my family Friday night. Hosting Christmas was always something my mom did for her family. I talked to everyone about it to make sure that would be ok if I could take over that since it was my moms and I love hosting as much as she did. Of course everyone said yes. It made me so happy and excited to have my family here all together, and being here for each other during the holidays; which have proved to be difficult for everyone.

Our menu consisted of bacon wrapped deer meat (venison), shrimp, honey ham, green bean casserole. potato salad, mac n’cheese, corn on the cob, salad and more. I made whipped feta crostini’s with marinated tomatoes, cream cheese sausage balls and spinach artichoke dip as appetizers. Mouth watering yet? I cooked so much more than I just wrote. Everything turned out perfect, everyone was here and it was truly wonderful.

After dinner my Aunt Jane bought the kids a gift and we let them open it! It was the softest blankets with an even more soft stuffed animal. They were precious and all of my kids are sleeping with them now.

After the opening of the gift’s I had a few games planned for us. I love games, y’all. I think it brings everyone together and if people end up laughing then that’s even more great. The first game was the paper plate game. I gave everyone a sturdy paper plate with a marker and told them to put it on their head. I then told them what to draw while it was on top of their head and it was hilarious!!

We then played a game that didn’t end up quite like I hoped. Heard of the game where you to try to roll doubles while the person next to you is trying to unwrap a ball full of goodies? I worked so hard on this damn ball and wrapped candy, gift cards, and all kinds of other stuff. I learned my lesson, I should have stopped the wrap every now and then because the first person who started unwrapping got all of the gifts!!! LOL!!! She was more than generous and gave a lot of it to the family but still!! I was so mad it didn’t work out the way I wanted! AT least everyone had a good time!!

I am so happy everyone got to see our new home and we all got to spend some much-needed time together. I love my family, they are all so special and the nicest people you’d ever meet. I love you all and I hope you know that!!!

After everyone left we were beat so we decided to let the babies sleep with us. They were in heaven as this doesn’t happen very often. They all love their beds very much and I was very strict about that when they were smaller. I love when I get to cuddle them all night, even though it does kill my back. So thankful for these 3 littles and my wonderful husband.