Coming Unglued

I’m linking up with the fabulous ladies Jennifer, Kelly, Erin and Courtney. They have started a link-up called “Build ‘em up” and its every other Tuesday! So fun! Today their link-up is all about coming unglued.

As a mom of twins and recently a mom of three under 15 months, I have come “unglued” on more than one occasion. I think we all do at one point in time. Being a mom is the most awesome and rewarding job there is but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. I can count on one hand how many breakdowns i have had but the times that take my breath away and have made my day? There are too many to count.

Just the other day Jocelynn, JP and Maddie were all crying at the same time. I offered snacks, drinks, medicine. I tried everything and nothing was helping. I tried rocking them and even put cartoons on the television. Still nothing. Just whining and crying. Thank goodness I just swaddled Maddie and laid her down but my other little ones were still crying. I stepped over our baby gate to the kitchen and walked around the corner to where they couldn’t see me any longer. I cried. I prayed for peace and help. I counted to 10 and got my composure back. The babies were no longer crying. I walked around the corner to see the sweetest thing and that was my babies playing peek a boo with each other and laughing. All of the bad stuff that just happened, the sad and mad feelings I had just felt? They went straight out of the window. Its amazing how completely “unglued” you can be one minute and then something so simple and sweet will make it all better. Another example would be the other night when they got fussy so my husband took them for a ride while I prepared dinner. My husband and I both felt like we were loosing our minds because of all the whining (thanks to molars). But when he got back I forgot about it all because my little girl walked in the door saying “mom-me” “momm-ma” and that made my night. Children express their hurt and/or pain thru crying and it is hard when they are in so much pain. Thank goodness we are working on our last molar because I hate seeing them in so much pain and more so because I cant take it away from them. I will tell you this.. Children’s Advil is a moms best friend. They can be in the worse modes and 30 minutes after taking Advil they feel better. That’s completely off subject (or maybe right on?) but I thought id share that with you;)

We might come unglued at times but its how we handle those moments that matter. I find if I just breathe and count to ten or even just step out of sight for a few minutes helps me sometimes. Usually afterwards I grab the babies and rock all of them just to love on them. I feel guilty sometimes for  coming unglued so hugging them and kissing on them afterwards is how I cope. We don’t have a lot of those moments but when they happen it is hard and I applaud all moms because our job isn’t easy. So next time you find yourself stressed to the limits just try counting all of your blessings. I do that too. It makes me realize I would much rather have these moments than no moments at all with no babies. They are all my little blessings and as hard as it is sometimes, you could not pay me a million dollars to take them away from me. I prayed too hard and too long for babies and ill take all the good moments and all of the bad moments because I’m finally a mom and that’s what being a mom is about. That is all I have ever wanted. While I don’t like coming “unglued” it happens and it happens to the best of us. I think we are all just blessed to even have those moments because if we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to be thankful for the sweet wonderful moments that come afterwards or the amazing ones that outweigh the bad.