Days 4&5 of Raising Three under 3

I’m off to a great start on this, am I not? Totally kidding. This past weekend we went to the beach and came home yesterday so we were busy all weekend.

My parents live at the beach and we had to bring them some furniture.They recently found out that they might not be living there that much longer and could possibly be moving pretty far away. I love my parents so much and talk to them on a daily basis. I couldn’t live without them. They are my best friends and the best parents anyone could ever ask for. If they do move, I will miss them like crazy and we will all try our hardest to see each other as often as we do now and if they don’t then the obvious ‘Yay” comes in.

Matt knew how sad I was lately that they could possibly be moving so it was his idea to let us go down there and spend some time with them this weekend. The kids were so excited. All week long (last week) they kept saying “Let’s go to the beach, MOM!” Those babies have become beach babies. Its so cute! I think that 90% of it has to do with the fact that they know Moomoo and Pops live at the beach, so of course they are going to want to go.

I didn’t have time to make any crafts or treats this weekend so its just a day in the life for the weekend.

We got to the beach on Friday evening and went to dinner shortly after! Its a place that had recently opened up and it was delicious. The restaurant was right on the beach and we got to witness the most beautiful sunset during dinner. Thanks to the beautiful sunset and a professional photographer being on sire, we got a picture of all five of us!! I was so excited! We don’t have a picture of all five of us since last November. Yes, I’m bad. Or broke. Whatever you prefer to call it.

My mom is giving us her twin beds that she had for Jocelynn and JP. I was so excited! They are the cutest and she even painted them for me. She was still painting them by the time we got there so the twins had to sleep in the floor on their mattresses. Lets just say this didn’t go very well. Friday night around 11, both Jocelynn and JP came down the stairs and said “HEY!”. Me and Matt ended up laying down with them to get them to sleep. Around 1:40 am we went to our bed. Then at 3 am I hear Maddie screaming her head off. My mom is always in charge of Maddie’s monitor when we are with them. But Maddie is spoiled by her moo moo. She knows if she cries or wakes up that moo moo will rock her. I warned mom of this when Maddie was a baby, but nooooo. Now? Mom says she wishes she would have listened to me hah! Anyways, mom was having a rough time getting her back to sleep and I tried for about an hour going back and fourth of paci giving, head rubbing and face tickling. Nothing worked. Finally I just put her into bed with me and Matt. This is the first time I have ever done this with her. She fell asleep right beside me and was the sweetest little cuddler. We woke up the next morning and she looked at me and said “HEY!” then gave me some sweet kisses! I thought “I could get use to this” but I don’t want them sleeping with us. I know its selfish but I want all my kids to be able to sleep in their own beds. Just three nights of letting them sleep with you can cause a habit. I will definitely let them do it every now and then though because oh how I love those little warm bodies next to me.

Saturday morning we woke up and me and the hubs took the babies to Chic-Fil-A for breakfast while mom and dad took some of their things to their storage unit. We have been to Chic-Fil-A several times but never (ever) have our babies played on their own. They always want us with them. At all times. This time? They climbed up, slid down, and did it all again. ALL BY THEIR-SELF. I was so amazed and happy and wanted to cry all at the same time. We even sat out in the other room and watched them while we ate and they still just stayed in the play area and played!

Me and Matt are looking at some possible housing options. We went to the Clayton homes while down there and looked at those Modular homes but realized soon after that we could build a nicer house than what we could get for their price. So our we going to build? I hope so! It is still up in the air right now but we hope to talk to someone this week and get a few prices.

After doing all that fun stuff, we went back to mom and dads house to try and lay everyone down for a nap. Try=keyword. Maddie went to sleep but the twins played for about 2 hours before my dad finally got them up. I told Matt “Lets go!” before they got up. So we went and got a drink and watched the first quarter of the Alabama game together. My parents love keeping the kids so I figured me and Matt could take advantage and spend a little time together. I always have so much fun with him and I know he has fun with me. We are fun people. I have become a “lightweight” since having kids. I ordered one drink and halfway through it, I felt it. Matt just died out laughing at me. We went home after a little while and watched the rest of the game there. By the time we got back, all of the kids were up! They were all playing in the front yard with their pops.

We all played while watching the game and had so much fun. I love just spending time with everyone. You can never get this time back. Or anytime as a fact.

We realized things were kind of getting bad with the bama game and really tuned our self in to cheer on our Tide but I am afraid nothing worked. We lost to Ole Miss. We can’t win every single one but it doesn’t feel real. One of our best players broke their leg and we gave up many points. It just wasn’t a great game. Hopefully since we lost a game in the beginning of the season, we will be able to come back and stay in it. Don’t worry Bama, I still love you and always will!

Mom made homemade pizza after the game while we bathed the babies. They were all just so exhausted so after dinner we put their little hiney’s to bed. Thankfully they went down with no problems. Me and Matt were both tired too so we went to bed shortly after them. I have come accustom to going to bed early and waking up extremely early. I kind of love it. Ssshhh don’t tell the husband.

Sunday morning I woke up early and cooked a big breakfast for everyone. Biscuits, tomato gravy, bacon, sausage and eggs. We ate, packed everything up, got everyone dressed and loaded up all of the furniture mom and dad gave us. Twins beds, mattresses, bed frames, a dresser, a nightstand, toys, paintings and more. It was funny to see our truck going down the highway with all of that on the tailgate, I am sure.

We made it home safe and sound. We had to stop and pick Roxanne up at pawpaw’s house. The kids didn’t mind because they got to see their paw paw and chick for a minute. Came home and unloaded everything. One thing I didn’t say was that before we left the beach, Matt dug up a small baby palm tree out of my parents yard and brought it home with us. For some reason he has always wanted a palm tree. I have no clue why but he finally got that palm tree he has always wanted. As soon as we got home, him and the twins planted it! Maybe in 10 years it will be grown? hah I am not sure.

It was great to see my parents for the weekend. I love them so much and it was great to get away for a couple days. Now back to reality. Laundry, cleaning, babies. I do love my life. And no I am not being sarcastic. I love my everyday, stay at home, clean all day, laundry doing, coffee drinking, whining listening, playing with babies all day life. It is all I have ever asked for.