DIY- Emotions Board Book

A couple of months ago, the twins started showing interest in emotions. We’ve been working on emotions for quite sometime and they know them good but I still decided to make something fun for them to learn. A DIY emotions board book! How awesome is that? I found these blank board books on amazon (link and info at end of post) and I thought the possibilities are seriously endless on this. 
You’ll Need:
  • Blank board book
  • mod podge
  • spray adhesive
  • picture of your child with their different emotions
  • Title you can create and print in any software 

!) Get all your supplies together and lay out on the table.
2) Make sure that spray adhesive is nearby. Make sure you have an old newspaper or scrap paper you can use as a background shield for when spraying your pictures.
3) Spray the back o the picture and glue to page.
4)Paint a light, very light, coat of mod podge over the picture (this is totally optional). I like the shine it gives it but you do have to wait until it is completely dry to start the next page.
5)Its dry! Move on to the next page. When you’re done don’t completely close the book yet, set it up right and let it dry some more with all pages somewhat open. If you close the book, there’s a chance the pages will stick to each other and tear. 
My babies loved their book! I hope you have fun with this. Let them join in on this activity, its so fun! 

Click on amazon link below to order your board book today!