DIY Trick or Treat Bucket

One thing you need to know about me is that I am cheap. Ok, maybe I’m not cheap but I don’t like spending a whole lot of money on things we are only going to use or wear once. Halloween buckets for example. Have you seen those out there that are personalized and cost $30? They are freaking adorable but my babies are still young and I don’t see the point in spending $90 right now. Maybe when they’re older and they really get the whole concept of Halloween but for now? Nah. We will just go with mommas cheap homemade method. Why can’t kids now days be like we were back in the day and just take a pillow case?

I am bad about throwing away things. Call me a hoarder, call me a collector, call me whatever, but I am bad about throwing things I think we will eventually use or need away. Coffee Mate cans and Coffee cans for example. I have a ton of these. The bigger ones (not the small ones). The possibilities that you can do with these are endless. Store your nails, light bulbs, use them for emptying your Scentsy, and more. Maybe even a Halloween trick or treat bucket? Yup, That’s how I made my babies buckets this year! The thought occurred to me when I was looking for some plain buckets to personalize. One day while I was looking in my pantry to decided the sides for dinner, it hit me. I will paint those coffee mate cans and use those for the kids trick or treat buckets! I wasn’t sure how well it would work at first but I am pretty pleased with the end result.

What you need:

  • An old coffee mate can/coffee can 
  • Orange paint
  • Ribbon
  • Silhouette cameo and vinyl/ or a paintbrush and paint/stencils 
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Sharp scissors
  • fabric of choice 
Paint buckets and let dry. I just used the Krylon spray paint. It was %50 off at hobby lobby so I grabbed a couple bottles. 

Take your fabric and glue into bucket. Glue sides down and trim the fabric you have hanging over.

My husband drilled two holes into the bucket for me. I took ribbon and tied knots onto the sides to provide the handle. Then I took my glue gun and put glue on the very top rim. I put ribbon on top of that. I put the middle of the ribbon on top of that glue so it would look better than just gluing the ribbon to the side.

I cut out a few names and vinyl goodies with my silhouette and VOILA!! Now my three Little’s are ready to trick or treat;)