Easily Forgotten

Me and Matt were outside playing with the kids yesterday. Maddie started “motor boating” and we were talking about how cute that was. Then I jumped into another conversation by talking about all of the things the twins used to do when they were her age.

It is amazing how one small thing can bring up so many “forgotten” memories. We went on and on talking and remembering everything and it made me so joyful.

I don’t want to forget those memories. I am so thankful for this blog and the fact that I have journaled almost everything about all of my babies. Because I want to feel that joy of remembering how Jocelynn and JP both use to pant like dogs when they were crawling around. Most people thought they learned it from Roxanne. It was the cutest thing!

Or how Jocelynn thought with every dog she kissed, she should lick them like they lick her. We had to teach her this is JUST the way dogs kiss.. but it was funny.

I don’t want to forget when Jocelynn and JP started really playing with each other. I mean really interacting with one another. I will never forget those precious laughs coming from the den. They would be playing peek-a-boo or playing in their tunnel. Watching them bond and play with each other has been the most amazing thing. Twins are amazing. They will always, always have each other and in a way I think they know this.

JP has always been a clown. He started laughing way before Jocelynn and hasn’t stopped. When he was around 4 months old, I could kiss him on the cheek and go back and forth to the other cheek and he would laugh hysterically. He still does this and I love it! I don’t want to forget that.

I don’t want to forget how every time the twins wake up from their naps they say “shoe on, outside” or that they demand “chocolate milk baby!” first thing in the mornings.

All of Madelynn’s little things she does are still fresh on my brain but I don’t want to forget them either! How she waves to everyone and says “hey dada” or how she slaps you in the face if you try to kiss her when she wants to just play. Her will power and just who she is as a little person.. I don’t want to be forgotten. Here I am writing a few of these down so they are indeed.. not forgotten.