First Birthday Party!

If I said that their first birthday party was the best day and everything turned out perfect I would be lying. I hate to say it but nothing went as planned. Starting with the weather. The party was held at a friends barn but the barn didn’t have any doors. It was suppose to be 55 degrees and sunny. Well, it wasn’t! It was in the low 40’s but with the wind chill it felt like low 30’s and we freaking froze.

I had pictured everything going so differently. I pictured balloons line up and down the driveway, a fire pit with s’mores, all the food cooked by the time guests arrived, and sunny of course. Yup, none of that happened.

I woke up early on Saturday morning and finished all of the favors, finished decorating the rice Krispy treats, pieced together their smash cakes, and everything else you can think of. Then I started having contractions. Wonderful, right?

I had to rest for a minute before loading everything into the cars. By the time we headed to the party site it was 12:30 and the party was suppose to start at 2. Matt and my mom took the babies up to the house to play while me and my friend decorated. We were able to get some of the decorations up and the food out. The hot dogs and hamburgers weren’t cooked so we decided to wait to cook them until the guests arrived, The wind was so strong that everything we put up was practically blown away. We looked at the clock and it was 1:55. Uh OH! I wasn’t dressed and the babies weren’t ready. I drove up to the house to get me and the babies ready.

We saw that everyone was arriving so we drove back down to the barn and by that time the babies were so sleepy. Jocelynn had already been running a fever for the few days before her party. Yall, it was miserable. I felt so bad for everyone. We were freezing and no one really got to play with the babies.

Since everyone was so miserable I went ahead and made everyone sing happy birthday so we could cut the cake. We didn’t even let the babies do their smash cakes because I didn’t want them getting cold. After the cake we opened gifts.

As cold as it was we had such a good show out of people and I couldn’t be more thankful for such great friends and family. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was being about the whole thing. My pregnant self , of course, ended up bawling about everything during the party. It was embarrassing but I had put so much pressure on myself to make everything so perfect for my sweet angels. I hate that it didn’t turn out as planned but it definitely wont be forgotten. I think being pregnant made it that much harder to get all the last minute things done. Hopefully next year will go much more smoothly because I will not be pregnant hah! And it will not be outside if there is a 10 percent chance it could be cold!

To make the day even worse than it was when we got home I realized we didn’t get any good pictures at the party. My husband dropped my camera and the lens messed up really bad on it. We got a few but still… it makes me so sad.

Here are a few phone pics and other camera pics!

Here are the adorable invitations my wonderful friend Heather created!! You NEED to go to her website because she is amazing!

bday invites

I made the Happy Birthday banner and high chair banners with my silhouette!

photo (13)

first bday 008

first bday 009first bday 010

first bday 014

first bday 019

first bday 045first bday 046

first bday 055first bday 056first bday 062first bday 063

first bday 068first bday 085

first bday 094first bday 098first bday 117first bday 118first bday 119first bday 120

We had a chili bar along with the hamburgers and hotdogs, I am glad because I think it warmed everyone up just a little! I also had a cookies and milk bar and hot chocolate! I just brought coffee pots and ran hot water thru the coffee makers for the hot chocolate.

The next day was their real birthday and we all woke up sick:( We plan on celebrating this weekend and letting them do a cake finally! Next year my goal is not to put so much pressure on myself. Happy Birthday babies, mommy and daddy love you so much!