First day of MDO

My babies started MDO this week!! I just can’t believe they are old enough to attend any type of program. They are still my babies. Although they are so much fun right now and constantly remind me every single day that they really aren’t babies anymore.

We went to Meet the Teacher on Monday night. My mom came up this week because I wanted her to keep Maddie so we would be able to stay at Meet the Teacher for a while and just in case I had to be prepared to go get them their first day. As soon as we walked in the door, JP started screaming. I think he thought we were going to just leave him there. After we calmed him down he would look at me and Matt and say “You not weaving me?” and laugh/cry while saying it. It was so precious but made me so anxious for him the next day. The teachers were amazing. They were generous, kind and seemed very loving towards children. I told them how to distract JP the next day and that all he wants is to be loved on and he should calm down. They were excited about loving on my sweet boy. We said our goodbyes and see ya laters and went home to prepare for the next day!

Tuesday morning came quickly. I woke up around 6 to drink my coffee, get a few things done, make them breakfast and put everything in the car. I woke them up around 7. I thought they would be so mad at me because they are use to sleeping until 8:45! They weren’t mad at all, In fact they were so excited and started talking about going to school immediately. JP kept telling me he was going to ride a “shcool bus”. I just nodded my head and said “alright then!”. After getting them dressed, I loaded them in the car and said bye to Moomoo. We would have said bye to Maddie but she was still asleep!

We pulled into the school and still no tears yet! I got them out of the car and they were still talking about how excited they were. We started walking down the hallway towards their class, both of them holding my hands and I look at JP to see his little overwhelmed face by all of the people. Still no tears yet. Finally get to their classroom, walk in and I look down to see what the twins reactions were. Jocelynn was fine and then I look at JP. I saw that bottom lip tuck in and I knew… here we go. He started screaming. I was trying to talk to him and calm him down but Ms. Becky (one of the teachers) grabbed him and told me to go. Off I went. I wanted to cry but I knew he would be just fine. This is the first time ever that they’ve stayed with someone that’s not family so you can see why I would be a nervous wreck. Not for the kids but for the teachers hah! I got into my car and went to Hobby Lobby. I was honestly just waiting on a phone call to come back and get them. 15 minutes passed. Then 30. Then 50. Next thing I know its 10:30 and they still haven’t called me. I was so anxious to know how it was going, how their day was and if they were just ok. After Hobby Lobby I went to Krispy Kreme because that is all JP asked for in reward for going to school. I wanted to reward him if he was doing good and show him that this was a big thing. I got 24 donut holes or as my baby boy says “dugnut hoes”. It was still only 11:15 and I didn’t know what to do next. I could have gone to target and spent money that we don’t have or go somewhere else but I didn’t want to spend any money that wasn’t necessary spending. So I went and got a loaded baked potato and ate it in my car. No radio or anything. Just silence. It was so nice to just listen to my own thoughts and have a moment of peace. But I still couldn’t get over my anxiety of thinking about the twins. Nothing was going to calm me down until I saw my babies. I went to a gas station and walked around, the post office to ship something and then just decided to go to the school parking lot. It was 12. I thought “I must be crazy” but when I pulled into the parking lot I noticed every other mom was sitting in their car just waiting. When 12:25 rolled around everyone got out of their car and it was like a race to get in to see all of our babies.

The doors to the preschool wing opened up and we all ran in! I really wanted to peek in on them before seeing me. I turned the corner and saw them playing in their classroom with their other classmates! Jocelynn and JP weren’t even playing with each other! I was so proud I could have cried! Then they saw me and just lit up! They ran towards the door and the teacher mouthed to me “they did great!”. I got their backpacks and we walked out holding hands. I asked them if they had fun and Jocelynn said “YES! I played basketball” and JP said “uh huh. I went down the BIG slide!!”I was overly filled with joy. I put them in the car and let them eat their doughnuts on the way home while they told me all about their day! And guess what? We got home and miss priss actually took a nap! So it looks like she might nap at least two days out of the week now;)

They both got great reports at the end of the day. JP had an accident but it was right when I had left in the morning when he was crying. After that they both used the potty, shared with others and even ate all of their snack and lunch! BTW- how fun is it making little lunches? I love it!

My mom text me this picture and I died out laughing!! I think Maddie had as good as a time with moo moo as the twins did at school!

I am so proud of my babies! They are only going to go two days a week from 8:30-12:30 but I think it will really help them open up to people they don’t know. I am looking forward to see how they do tomorrow. I am sure it will take a few times for JP not to cry but who knows, he could surprise me!