Five on Friday

We’ve been pretty busy around here this week. My husband is off for TWO whole weeks so we have been enjoying all the things we usually do not get to do! I need to catch y’all up on everything so what better way than a little 5 on Friday?!


1. I have the best Sous chefs. Yes, they may eat the batter and lick all the spoons but I couldn’t ask for better helpers;)

2. Our Elf appeared Tuesday night! He was a day late because mommy was sick. I had a virus that lasted Sunday-Tuesday UGH. I was so upset I didn’t do the North Pole Breakfast for them but they were just as amazed by him leaving them some jammies as they were a big special breakfast. He brought three pairs of pajamas, a letter from Santa, and his official name which is “Peanut!” Me, Matt and the kids chose that name a couple of weeks ago. 

3. My little hunter. Matt woke JP early from his nap on Thanksgiving day to take him goose hunting! JP loves anything daddy related. He was ecstatic and I must say he looked pretty cute in his face paint!

4. Speaking of Thanksgiving, ours was very laid back. We decided to stay home this year instead of running around like crazy from house to house. I cooked a little too much but we had an amazing time just the 5 of us!

5. Family day of fun! We spent the day out and about on Wednesday. I went all comfy wear that was my favorite sweatshirt from Target to my slip on Skecher shoes. You seriously need to go get one of the cowl neck shirts from target. By far the comfiest shirt I own.

We started our day at out the Galleria. We rode the Carousel and all the babies loved it. Maddie couldn’t stop laughing every time it went up. It was the cutest thing I have ever witnessed.

We ended our day with a Bass Pro/ Academy run. They always have so much fun in Bass Pro Shops. This time of year they have the Santa’s Wonderland setup with all kinds of fun stuff to do. But how do my kids feel about Santa? Umm. I honestly think they think he is the scariest person in this world. I am talking throwing down, kicking, screaming, crying fits over not wanting to see him. I was able to get Maddie to sit with him at the Galleria but the twins fought so hard Matt had to walk them away. We thought Maddie wasn’t going to cry at first but after one long stare at him she started bawling. 

So I guess this is our 2014 Santa Claus picture. I might actually try again without Matt. I cant see me not having a Santa picture of them every year.

I know this is technically (6) on Friday. I told you before that I have been having some bad pains with a lot of other symptoms I wouldn’t even dare to type. My GI doctor called me yesterday (the one I went to a month ago) and told me I tested positive for Crohn’s Disease and bacteria. The bacteria is cured by antibiotics which I will start today but the Crohn’s is a whole other ball game. I have to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy done next Wednesday to determine if my test results are true. I would really appreciate any prayers.