Five on Friday

Im linking up for Five on Friday with today! 

  1. It has been so hot outside. The heat isn’t bad, I can handle the heat. You would think after living in Alabama my whole life I would be use to the humidity by now. Well, I am not. We haven’t been outside a lot lately because they kids have all been trying to get over their sickness and I didn’t want their fevers to spike or come back by being too hot. This morning was beautiful and all of the babies are starting to feel better (with some minor setbacks) so I packed up some food and we walked into the backyard to enjoy a picnic. As you can see, Madelynn prefers not to wear any clothes. I can’t blame her though. If rolls were that cute on adults, i probably wouldn’t wear any clothes either.
  2. The twins are doing so great in VBS. Tonight will be their last night. Its been exhausting for Matt this week staying up to see them when they get home. He is a truck driver and has to leave the house for work usually around 1/1:30 am so he gets in bed early. The kids usually go to bed around 7:30 but with VBS lasting until 8:30 we’ve all been a little off. We just want them to enjoy every second of it. They are playing with other kids, talking up storms to people and getting their craft on while learning about God. Im so unbelievably proud of them. My favorite thing is going to pick them up and watching them before they see me. And when they do see me, they tell me to leave. Break my heart, why don’t ya?? Cant wait to see what they make tonight!

3. This little virus all the kids had has been awful. It was a virus at first, then they called it croup and now its gone to eyes and ears. UGH. Im just ready for them all to be 100%. Thank goodness for antibiotics! I know it takes a little while to get in their systems but momma is ready to kick this thing so we can play and be happy! The breathing treatments we have been having to give Jocelynn are no fun either.

 I took Madelynn and JP back to the doctor this week. JP had an ear infection and Maddie had a temp of 102. Thank goodness for medicine so we can get better!! Doughnuts make everything better!

 4. I have been dieting since January. I have only lost 10 pounds still. I only have 10 more to go but I have been at this plateau forever. Its just hard to get over this mark so I can get to my goal. I finally joined the YMCA and can’t wait to start going. I would’ve gone by now but I am just waiting until the babies are %100 so they’ll be ok with me leaving them in the childcare. I don’t cheat a whole lot on my diet. In fact, I stay pretty strict on myself (unless all kids are sick). I think Matt gets a little mad at me because I don’t ever have a drink with him anymore because I never have any calories leftover. I want dieting to be fun and rewarding so I took his advice last Friday night and ordered a margarita with dinner. Ill loosen up some more, I am just dedicated until I get past this plateua.

5. We moved Jocelynn and JP’s swimming lessons back a couple of weeks. They’ll start on the 17th and I can’t wait! I might even take them swimming this weekend just for the fun of it and see how they do! If you could say a couple prayers for me… One for my pawpaw who is in bad health right now and one for Matt who is fishing a very important tournament tomorrow that could help out our family tremendously. Thanks y’all!