Girls Day Out

It has been storming here like crazy!! I am praying for everyone who lost their homes in these awful storms and floods. Thinking about you all! 
I have a lot to catch up on but lets start with mine and Jocelynns day out last weekend!
Last weekend my mom came up so I decided to have a girls day out with my first born! My little Jocelynn! She has been a little drama queen lately and I thought it would be good for her to have some mommy time.. without her siblings.
She has been talking about earrings for months. She notices everyone’s earrings and says “its yours earrings?” She would also tell me “I’s wants earrings toooo”. Every time she told me that I would try to explain to her (the best way I know how to a 2 year old) that it hurts getting earrings and then I would pinch her ear and tell her that’s what it feels like. She would then tell me “I don’t wike its earrings”. And repeat all of that. I figured for our girls day out I would take her to get her ears pierced, or at least show her what piercing ears involved. To be honest, I was hoping she wouldn’t do it because I don’t need her that grown up just yet. Well, we waited around for about 40 minutes because one of the employees was running late. We shopped around and filled our basket with some Easter goodies. When the time came to get her ears done I grabbed her and put her in my lap up in a tall chair. She immediately started crying. When the lady came at her with the purple marker to mark the spots for the holes the almost fainted from holding her breath. I told the lady we didn’t want to do it anymore and I am glad Jocelynn cried so she wouldn’t have to do it. She will get her ears pierced one day but hoping its for another few years and she really understands the whole process.
We walked around in the Galleria for a while and had so much fun. I stopped at Express to see if they had any cute clearance items. I found a few things and we went to the dressing room for me to try them on. I put on the first shirt and Jocelynn said “ew, i don’t wike it”. Well, ok then! That was easy. I put on the next shirt and she said “peeetttyyy momma”. That shirt was a clearance shirt and how could I not buy it after my daughter telling me I looked pretty? I need to take her more often because I tried on at least 10 things but only bought two shirts! Maybe she will be savvy!
After eating lunch at the Galleria we went to Target… because what is a girls trip without going to Target? Our first stop in Target had to be Starbucks. The closest one to me is 45 minutes away so when I am near one, you better believe I am stopping to get a coffee (even if I am over my calories for the day). I asked the woman to warm some milk up and put cool whip on the top in a small cup so Jocelynn could act like she was drinking coffee too. She loved it and she might have even got a cake pop too! I love that she loves being like mommy and spending time with me. 
Me and Matt are going to try to do these days more often. Where we spend one on one time with each twin and let them do something special with us. Of course it would have to be when Moo-moo comes in but at least Matt could take a twin every now and then to spend time with them. 
I’m so glad I got this day with her. She didn’t even nap. She sat in the backseat and just talked to me the whole time. She talked about the rain outside, bubba staying at home with moo moo and ears pierced. It was so fun listening to her be so excited about everything. I just loved every minute of spending that time with her. I do everyday but the fact we were by ourselves made it very special.