Goodbye 20’s….

I am sure you know, or if you are a follower of mine on IG you know, but I hit the big 3 0 on October 14th. I think most people aren’t happy about it when they turn 30 but I was looking forward to it. My mom told me a while back that her 30’s were her favorite. I am hoping the 30;s will be good to me and by my favorite as well. 

A lot of good happened in my 20’s. My marriage to the man I love more than anything, our journey through IVF to conceive our twins and then finding out we were pregnant 6 months after they came along. Getting to stay home with them and care for them was such a joy and a gift. 

As much good happened, bad did too. I got diagnosed with lupus and arthritis, matt was almost paralyzed but had emergency surgery (thank god), my mothers diagnosis of cancer and then losing her, and my mishap in the beginning of this year that ended with me having an ileostomy for 8 weeks. I lost a lot of people I love in my 20’s, especially my mommy. I miss her everyday and wish she was here to celebrate with me for being in my 30’s. I definitely don’t want to dwell on the bad but I also don’t want to forget so we will never take life for granted and always always be thankful for what we do have. 

The weekend of my birthday my dad and his wife, Laurie, came to spend the weekend with us. They got here Saturday morning which was my birthday day. Matt fished a tournament so me and the kids just played and sang a little karaoke before dad and Laurie got there. 

When they got there we played a little, watched some football and ate.. of course. Then they gave me my birthday present. Let me tell you one thing before I tell you what it is… My mom had an amazing ring. Like AMAZING. It was a platinum ring with three beautiful stones in it. So now back to my present… Laurie and my dad gave me a necklace that had one of those stones from my mothers ring. I wanted to cry I was so happy and thankful for such a beautiful gift. Except I can’t cry because my kids always cry when I do, so I held back the tears and gave them both huge hugs. I love love love my necklace. I love having a piece of my mom that close to my heart.

My dad and Laurie ended up taking the kids with them for a little while. The point was for them to take the kids for a while and me and matt go out on an overnight date. We haven’t been the “go-out” type in a while. Y’all, we just love our home and hanging out. Does that mean we are now old and boring? I like to call it happy and complete with our lives.

So the kids left and I sat down to watch TV for a bit. I am not very good at relaxing because it is something I don’t ever get to do so I tried to sit down and relax as long as I could. Then Matt called and told me he won his tournament!! You might not know this but thats amazing because it was a no entry fee tournament and him and his partner ended up winning around 13,000! With news like that I ran upstairs curled my hair, put on something that made me feel good, and went to pursue the husband for a big ole kiss!

I told Matt congratulations and to hurry up so we could go celebrate his big win and my birthday.. before the kids got back! Well he wanted to go back home really quick to take a shower. I packed us an overnight bag while he got good and clean. We left and then he wanted something to eat,,, before we went to eat. In his defense, he had been fishing all day with nothing to eat. So we ordered some poppers from a local restaurant. It was going to be 20 minutes so we talked to the owner and chefs for a bit back in the back (small town, remember?). We left there and Matt had to stop at 5 more places. Y’ALL! I was getting so mad. I finally told him “SCREW THIS! Lets just go back home!” Supposedly he had forgotten his wallet too and I was fed up with all of it by then. We ran home and by this time I am fuming. We pull in the driveway and I told him I had to pee anyways so I would go to the bathroom while he found his wallet. I stormed through the door, headed to the bathroom when all of a sudden I hear SURPRISE!!!!!! I stopped, backed up a few feet and noticed that everyone I love was standing in my dining room! I couldn’t believe it! I forgave Matt because I realized shortly after everyone shouted surprise he was just trying to give them the time to set up. Guess whose idea it was to plan a surprise birthday for my 30th? Thats right, my sweet amazing husband. With the help of my Mother in law and both my sisters in law they threw an amazing birthday party for me. I don’t think I have had a party since I was in my teens. Seriously. I felt very loved. How about we didn’t get any pictures! I wish I would have remembered but I was just giddy with the fact that all of these people who were most important to me were there for me. We managed to get a few selfies… of course.

I am so thankful for everyone who came and celebrated with me. It was so much fun!!

Me and Matt don’t often do birthday presents but he got me an awesome one this year… the new Apple Watch! I love love love it! I have been wanting one for a while because I am not that great at having my phone with me at all times and with an apple watch my texts and phone calls would go to it. It is just as amazing as I thought it would be. Never do I miss texts or calls from the hubby, he doesn’t have to worry now when I don’t answer my phone.

So here’s to being 30. I am hoping in my 30s I will become the best version of me. I want to get fit, be more healthy and make right decisions when it comes to food but also enjoy food every now and then. I want to take a trip with just my husband more than once. I want to take more vacations as a family and do more weekend trips from now on. I want to start a business and grow it, I just am not sure what kind of business yet. I want to spend more quality time with the kids instead of always feeling rushed. I want to find us a home in a new church and strengthen all of our relationships with God. Theres a lot more I want to do but I might have to put it on a 30 things in my 30’s list and make a post out of it..? Maybe. 

Let’s do this 30’s!!!