Halloween 2013

We had such a terrific Halloween!

I cant believe my babies are old enough to say “trick or treat”! Actually it was more like “tree or tweet”. The sweetest thing ever. It wasn’t long until they realized if they said those three little words they would get all the candy they wanted. We don’t have many places to trick or treat in our small town so we drove to a few friends houses, the local store and Matt’s parents house. They had so much fun! JP was Mickey Mouse, Jocelynn was Minnie Mouse and my littlest stinker was Pluto! My friend Amanda gave us the Mickey and Minnie costumes and I want to THANK her! Costumes are not cheap whatsoever so thank you Amanda!

I love how the only one smiling was Maddie. JP actually loved his costume. He loved the white hands attached to it and kept saying “five” and gave himself high fives. Jocelynn kept saying “hurt” because she didn’t like her costume. It might have been itchy but believe me, it wasn’t hurting her hah!

 We went to Joey’s first. They love their paw paw! I told them to say “trick or treat” and he will give you candy. They said it and Joey gave them candy. Then they both told him thank you and JP walked away. Jocelynn stood right beside the candy bowl and paw paw and kept saying “thank you, thank you, thank you” so she could get more candy. And believe me she had enough candy in her bucket before we went to the second stop!

I’m sure y’all know by now how clumsy Jocelynn is. Well, when we were leaving their Aunt Jill’s house Jocelynn face planted on the driveway and scraped her head, nose and chin! Thank you Jocelynn for adding a little drama into the night. I’m just glad we didn’t have to go to the ER!  We went to a couple more places after Aunt Jills house but had to hurry home because Maddie was ready for a warm bottle and bed. I know this is the only year we will be able to get away with only going to a few places. Im sure next year we will take them everywhere because they will really get the concept then! 
I sure do love Halloween but I have to say that I am very excited about Christmas. Im ready to put up the tree and decorations and celebrate all of my blessings that have come about the past two years.