Halloween 2016

This marks the first Halloween of my kids lives that their mommy did not make some or all of their costumes. It really made me kind of sad. Although it is time consuming I really do love it and their past costumes have been awesome because of it. But my little ones wanted to be costumes they could buy this year. Maybe next year I can find something I will be able to hand make again?

To start out our Halloween festivities me and my sister-in-law, Brooke, took the kids to a fall festival the week before Halloween. It was at a local small church, Russel Chapel Church, and it was so fun. I was seriously impressed with everything they did this year. We started out at the trunk or treat, of course. Then they had a small pumpkin patch setup where the kids could pick a pumpkin and then sit at a table to paint it. How adorable?! And talk about right up my kids alley. While we waited on the pumpkins to dry we went and let the kids jump in the bounce houses. I told Brooke we should walk inside to see if we could win a cake for the cake walk so we could indulge in sweets too after the kids went to bed! We went inside and did the cake walk. The first time Brooke won a cake and the second time I did! Talk about meant to be, right? LOL. The cakes were delicious. We let the kids get their faces painted and jump a little bit longer before heading back home. They were all beat down tired so I hid the candy and put mine to bed while the cousins loaded up in their car to go home.

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During the week before Halloween, our preschool did some fun dress up days for the kids. We had farmer day one day and then Halloween parties the next. Farmers day was a day where the kids could dress up as a farmer or farm animal and mine chose to be farmers. I did what I could dressing Maddie as a farmer with her dress fetish.

We had a great Halloween. I spent the day with my girls cooking yummy treats and making memories. Just like my mom use to do for me. My mom loved Halloween so much. She use to make it so special for us when we were younger, as she did with everyone else. I am talking the works for Halloween though, from dry ice in punch, dry ice in cauldrons on the porch to green died cheese dip. She also use to have the best costumes, I remember one year she paid a lot of money to dress up as an alien who held its own head. It was hilarious but also very spooky. I thrive to be like her. Which is why I went out of my way to make a mess of our kitchen this year and just have fun with the kids making treats and getting Halloween ready.




There isn’t much trick or treating where we live. We usually just take the kids to a few houses and let them experience the ringing of the door bell to sing that incredibly cute rhyme about underwear;).

When daddy got home from work we finished getting our PJ Masks ready to go trick or treat a few houses. We went to a few of our friends houses to show the kids off and then to our favorite house which is pawpaws! JP told his pawpaw if he didn’t have any candy he would just take a $20. We laughed so hard. I love these kids of mine. If anyone were to give him a $20 for not having candy, it would be his pawpaw because pawpaw don’t like feeling guilty. Turned out pawpaw had plenty of treats for them so they were just as satisfied with candy as they would’ve been with that money, possibly more. When we got home we ate our hotdogs, green cheese dip and other treats, I let the kids choose 2 pieces of candy to eat before bed and told them they could have more the next day. It was a great Halloween. Every holiday is great one as long as I get to spend it with the people I love the most in this world.