Halloween Cookie Rice Krispie Treats

I love Rice Krispie Treats!! You can do anything with them. Put treats and goodies inside them, add cake mix to them and more!! And they aren’t that bad for you, right?;)
I wanted to do something fun for my babies. A little Halloween treat. So I went to Walmart and purchased all the goodies to make Rice Krispie treats. I also bought Halloween sprinkles and Halloween colored Oreos.
Start by making your treats as you usually would or follow the directions on the Rice Krispie box. I will tell you, I don’t follow instructions. I have been making Rice Kripsie treats for a long time and I don’t remember the last time I looked at that recipe. I will tell you a little secret of mine to get perfect treats every time. Don’t use a lot of butter. Use just enough to coat marshmallows good and let them melt. This makes them more “fluffy” instead of gooey.
After you have mixed your cereal into your marshmallow and butter mix, pour half of the mix into a greased pan. Place oreos then add rest of cereal mix on top. Add sprinkles and press down with hands. I always put butter or spray pam on my fingers before pressing the treats down so they don’t stick to my hands.

Let cool for a couple hours. Cut and serve! So pretty!