Holiday Home Tour – Final!

Welcome to the master bedroom!! I love our room, I could live in here. We actually all stay in here a lot. I do want to change some things in here in the future too but as I said before with the rest of the house, it can all wait. SO let’s get to it!

Yes, I have a christmas tree in every room this year. We are just happy to have this home and since we hosted Christmas this year we went a little over the top!

My favorite part about the bedroom would have to be the windows. When we first moved here I had them open all of the time because it felt so good outside and what a beautiful view we have from the bedroom of the lake! For the tour I just left them close, although the light might have helped when I took these pictures.

Now into the master bathroom! We have an amazing tub and a walk in shower. The kids are in love with our tub and I have to say me and Matt enjoy it too. Like I said we all spend a lot of time in the master area.

I love that piece of furniture in the bathroom, it was left here by the previous owner.

Now to the closet, another favorite of mine. I could live in here too:) And the mirror in here, IN LOVE.

Behind those doors is the laundry room! How brilliant is that? I don’t have to walk up and down the steps all day to do laundry! I even do laundry while the kids are sleeping at night! So convenient!

Below is the picture walking into the closet. The closest is next to the master bed. I didn’t know what to do with that green piece of furniture because it was too big for any of our rooms. It was originally in JP’s room but his room in this house has so many windows it was kind of hard to pick a spot for it so for now it stays in the closet and is used for our linens.

I forgot to post the playroom in the last posts. It is downstairs conveniently located off the kitchen so I can see them play while doing the dishes and cooking.

I recently took this couch out because I sold it and we had to make room for ALL of the toys the kids got for Christmas. It made things change in here tremendously and I am so glad we have room for all of the toys hah!

Well that’s about it! All rooms but the downstairs utility room and my office but those are for another time. Plus those rooms are extremely messy right now and I wouldn’t want to do that to any of you. Until next time!