Holiday Home Tour Part 2

Home tour part 2!! This part of the tour is going upstairs and the kids rooms. I will do one more part to this tour and that will be for the master bedroom and the playroom!

The photos below are going upstairs.


This is Jp’s room! He has a room all to himself. My baby boy enjoys his sleep and he never gets anything without the girls getting involved so it only seemed fair for him to get his own room!

He has his own bathroom! Actually the girls do too and I LOVE that about this house. They will enjoy their privacy when they get older. His bathroom has a vanity part and then a toilet with a shower/tub in the other room.

He has an amazing closet in his room too! I love being able to hang up all the clothes and not have to switch out boxes for seasons.

Time for the girls room! I love a girly room and theirs defines the word girly.

Their closet is very big although you cannot tell in this photo because they have so many clothes! I use a shoe holder for all of Jocelynns barbie dolls on the back of the door!

I would like to paint most of the rooms in the future but for now this will do! I had to hang up a curtain separating their bedroom from the bathroom because Jocelynn is a little bit of a scaredy cat and didn’t like being able to see in there. So I hung a curtain and pin it back during the day with a crown.

They have their own big vanity area and then a toilet with a shower/tub also! I can’t wait to utilize this space and make it pretty when they get older and really get into makeup/


That is it for this tour!! I just love looking at our pictures, it truly is a dream come true living here.