Holiday Home Tour

Anyone interested in a home tour of our new place? I have one better, how about a holiday home tour! I love Christmas time so much, it’s just a truly special, magical holiday. My mom loved Christmas too and always went all out for it so I am following her footsteps and it literally looks like Christmas threw up all over our house and it makes me so happy! Some of the things have been in our family for over 30 years. Having them all in our home this year makes this christmas just that more special. So welcome to our home! Hope you love it as much as we do!

I LOVE having a fireplace now. I love it when it is actually cold outside but it is a lot of fun to decorate around too. 

Yes that’s a pool table. Right in the middle of the room. No we don’t even use it. Well, we’ve used it a couple of times. It is incredibly heavy so we can’t move it so we are trying to sell it. Eventually this area will be the formal dining area.

M favorite part of the house. I love having a big kitchen. I love cooking and so do my kids. I plan on years of wonderful memories making yummy food right here.

I had to throw in some cheesy ornament photos because we have so many memories on this tree. This gingerbread man was made by me in 1993. Then on the other side of the tree we have all the ornaments our babies have made the past few years. I love how something so small can mean so much and something so big, like a christmas tree, hold so many memories.

Do you remember these little light up trees when you were little? This one right here was my dads moms! Yes, over 30 years old. I got it out of my moms christmas decorations and it brought back so many memories. The kids have loved looking at this and playing with the bulbs.

There is a bedroom downstairs I use as my office, a playroom, bathroom and utility room. Ill show pictures of the playroom in the next post but my office? Yeah, that’s a different story right now. It has been used as my wrapping room lately! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday week!!