Hunting, Fishing and Loving Everyday Party

Here we are, the twins are 5.5 and it was time to throw them a birthday party! I haven’t thrown them a legit birthday party since their 3.5 party. We always do the family gathering and cake for their actual birthday but they don’t get any presents. I mean, Christmas has just passed right at their birthday. We do get them something small that they need on their birthday and then give a present on their party day!

When we moved into this house I knew they would be thrilled if we could throw a swim party. Thats exactly what we planned for! When I asked Jocelynn and JP what theme they wanted to do their party in they immediately told me “Hunting and Fishing!” Well, ok. I think this might be fun. One of their favorite songs is “Hunting, Fishing & Loving Every day” by Luke Bryan so I just went ahead and made it the theme of that song. How fun?!  I started looking on pinterest at fishing party decor and hunting party decor and kind of merged the two ideas together with some of my own! I can’t wait to show all of you!

I painted a couple of pallets that read “Joc’s Fishin Hole” and “JP’s Green Field”. Jocelynn’s sat beside the pool and the lake and I put JP’s in our yard with an inflatable deer. Next to JP’s pallet was a basket full of loaded nerf guns to shoot the deer! 

Me and the kids wrapped life savers and rope around Squeez-it juices and they looked adorable! We placed those outside next to the pool on our picnic table.

Next is probably my favorite. I printed out a bunch of pictures of the past month and even laminated them with frames because I was originally going to put these outside. I moved most decor inside because we didn’t know if tropical storm cindy was going to allow us to decorate outside or not. Thankfully this day was the first day it hadn’t rained in four days! They got so lucky! Anyways, the pictures; from babies to now. I put clothespins on them and clipped them to fishing net. I LOVED how it turned out. 


All of the labels I did for food also ended up being laminated and framed because again, it was originally going to be outside. I had so much fun with the menu. And this little one doubled as decor too! Fish and chips in a fishing net!


The Bobbers are just red chinese lanterns from Hobby Lobby that we painted the top white! It made for a great decoration! Twizzler’s were used as fishing line! 


I think my babies (or kids) had a great time at their party! They kept telling me it was the best party ever. I am just glad that some people showed up because of previous weather and they were able to be loved on for the day! I love you Jocelynn and JP!