Ideas for Jocelynn and JP’s Party!

You remember how I told you we were going to start having the twins party for their birthday in the summer? Well, that’s still the plan. I am so excited planning this party. We, and by we I mean I talked the twins into this theme, are doing a pirate and mermaid theme! I have so many thoughts, ideas and fun things planned and wanted to share a few with you! Here are a few ideas I have put on a board to show you what I am thinking thus far.

Pictures via pinterest follow my board “twins half bday party” for more info on these pins

  1. Colors- Purple, aqua, light blue for the mermaid side of things. Red, black, white, gold for the pirate side. 
  2. Food- I’m still thinking on this but so far I think: ham and cheese croissants, fruit skewers, spinach and artichoke dip, jalapeƱo popper dip, veggies, punch and lemonade. I am sure I will have more than that or something completely different by then! It will be fun to come up with all of the names for those fun foods!
  3. Dessert- Cake for each. Pirate cake and a mermaid cake (right now). Unless, I can find an awesome one that can incorporate the two themes together. Marshmallow pops, pretzel rods, mermaid crunch, and pirates treasure. 
  4. Activities- Walk the plank, dig for buried treasure, paint your own seashell or treasure chest.
  5. Supplies- I am going to have enough supplies for the kids to be able to dress up as a pirate or a mermaid. I plan on making some little slip on mermaid tails for all of the girls and having all the gear for the boys. Eye patches, hat, sword, and hook. 
  6. Decor- lots of colorful pops of aqua, purple and skull heads. Sounds elegant right? I cant wait to see it all come together!
I cant give it all away just yet so stay tuned!!