It’s been 8 years…

November 15th was our wedding anniversary. Our 8th one as a matter of fact. I have a lot to say about this man of mine and our marriage. It just keeps getting better every year, not even kidding. We keep saying we will go somewhere on our 10th but for now, just enjoying the day!

Tuesday was our anniversary. My baby brought me home a bottle of wine (I have learned I really like Riesling) and a vase of beautiful flowers. Oh, and stuff to make margaritas with queso and chips from the Mexican restaurant! He is the best. We had a ball just drinking, talking and watching the kids play. I cooked one of his favorite meals for dinner which was fried pork chops, green beans, mashed potatoes and crescent rolls. Not very healthy but I will say it was delicious.

Marriage is hard. It is trying, it is wonderful, it’s the best thing. It takes two people to commit and make a marriage the best it can be. You can make it as good as you want or not try at all. Well, we chose to make each other and our relationship our first priority. Many years ago we had a sit down and asked each other how we could make this relationship better. I am not going to lie, it is very hard after having kids and this is when that conversation occurred. He told me things and I told him. We both listened to each other, did those things and 4 years later we are the happiest in our marriage than we’ve ever been. All it takes is a little communication and a whole lot of dedication if you truly love the one you’re with, and I do love mine with all of my heart.


You are my best friend. There is no doubt about that. You are my person I go to with everything, or nothing at all. You listen to me when I need to be listened to you and you’ll sit with me when I just want to cry and be held but not talk about it. You understand me, you know me just like I know you. You are the best father to our kids that I could have ever imagined. They see you as their super hero. You are strong and their security blanket; as well mine. I love the way our babies look at you and I love it when I catch you staring at them. We have been through some rough times but have made it out stronger and more in love than ever. We have three beautiful blessings that we thought would never happen and we are both head over heels in love with them. I thank God for you everyday. I would not have been able to make it through this past year without you baby. From losing Roxanne and then my mom passing months later, its been a terribly tough year. One that no one should have to experience at a young age. But you’ve been my rock through it all. I want to thank you for that. You are my everything and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you, my best friend, my soul mate, my lover, by my side.

Warning, there is about to be a picture overload. I have been looking through all of our old photos and it just makes me so happy. We started dating when I was 16 and he was 19 so we have so many memories already and I want to show some of them here through pictures!



We aren’t the tallest people. I will never forget when we started dating you told me you had never had a girl look up to you. I thought this was so funny and perfect. I love looking up to you, you have a perfect spot right in your arms that I fit in. I love that spot, its my safe spot.


img_7819 img_6424



We have so much fun together. I am so lucky to be able to say that because I know a lot of couples who need friends to have a goof time but we just love doing things together. From going out (when we can get a baby-sitter) to fishing. We usually end up laughing most of the time, or talking about the kids when they aren’t with us (why does everyone do this?) and having just a good time. Sitting here writing this makes me realize even more how blessed I am to have this wonderful man in my life. Looking at all of these pictures and remembering all the things we’ve done through and accomplished together, it’s so rewarding.

I know you might get annoyed of me sometimes, I do tend to talk a lot whenever we get to go places by ourselves. It is only because I don’t talk to a whole lot of grown ups during the day though hah. You understand I need that and I know you think I am funny too. I am pretty funny, I must say LOL. Ok not really but a dork I might be for real. I just love that we can make each other laugh like no other.




We both knew we wanted kids as soon as possible. I hate to admit it but we had been shaking up for 6 years already, it’s not like we didn’t know anything about the other person. So as soon as we got married you bet your butt we started trying. 3 years passed by and we had one miscarriage and a lot of negative at home pregnancy tests. We decided to take that next step to see what was going on so we went to the A.R.T clinic at Brookwood hospital in Birmingham, AL; which by the way I would highly recommend. We found out the problem and learned we could not conceive a child on our own. We were both devastated and shocked. Another year passed and it was time to do our official round of IVF. Thank God it worked. We had our babies 9 months later!! I remember the first time Matt held them. They rolled me into recovery and this is what I saw…


One proud daddy.

beach and pool 024




Then God blessed us again….


Talk about complete shock. Utterly shocked but so happy. Maddie was the best thing that ever happened to us after the twins. She has so much personality, she’s so much like my mom too, which I love. Maddie has been head over heels for her daddy since she was born and I know exactly why!



I never thought the day would come where I would see Matt feel so natural being a parent. I knew he was good with kids and I witnessed his love for babies many times but seeing your own husband with your children together is something else. I fell in love all over again with him when I saw how good of a daddy he was and to this day he still finds ways to impress me with our babies.




I understand this post is turning more into a story about our life but I want everyone to know how much this man means to me.







We agree on parenting. I take his back and he takes mine. There is no good cop bad cop here, we are both good or bad at the same time. We are a team when it comes to the kids. I love parenting with Matt. He makes it fun and interesting for sure and has taught me a lot.





Happy 8 years to my one and only. I cant wait to see what life has in store for us over the next 8 years. Looking forward to spending all my days beside you baby and living life to the fullest.