Jocelynn and JP’s (non) Birthday Party

You might be wondering why the title reads “(non) Birthday Party”. Well, we had a celebration but not a real birthday party. They didn’t get any presents because we have decided to have their Birthday party in June from now on, which is their half birthday. Everyone seems to be out of town on their birthday or broke from Christmas; not that presents are all that important because these kids have everything but they are at an age where they ask about their presents now. Plus, its usually freezing and or raining on their actual birthday so half birthday party from now on it is!! 
Because we didn’t do a real party, we did invite close friends (that might as well be family) and close family over for cheeseburgers, cheese dip and cake. Jocelynn and JP had a great time. They didn’t even care that they didn’t get any presents. Everyone singing happy birthday to them and then getting to blow out candles was the best thing ever to them. They loved their cake I got them from Publix. I ordered it the day before and just knew they would love a cake with any type of tractor/bulldozer on it. They were out of tractors but the ladies at the bakery were so nice and added a couple other things on there for me! 
I had to fast the day before their birthday and the day of until 4 pm because of some tests I had done. I dove right into the dip and cake. Well, pretty much everything I could get my mouth on because I was starving. I painted my nails that day because I was scared I was going to eat my own hand. 

After everyone ate a burger and snacked on some chips and dip, we sang the twins favorite song “Happy Birthday’! They joined in and Maddie even danced a little bit. We actually ended up singing happy birthday to them twice because my parents face timed us right after we were done, so of course we lit the candles and sang again for them. Lets just say the babies didn’t mind singing and blowing out the candles again. 

 Me and my sweet girl. Oh, how I cannot believe I have two THREE year olds. They are growing up so fast. I will say, I hear the age 3 is the hardest and we are only a month in and I can tell a difference. They are so much fun though too. Talking so much, their little opinions are hilarious, attitudes are strong, personalities are still growing and drama like no other. I love them so much and I love every single second of life I get to spend with them.

I am sure y’all know by now that Maddie is our healthy girl. After finger-banging (yes, that is a word) the cake before everyone got a piece she ate right off the plate the cake was sitting on. She was very happy and very hyper shortly after. Where there is a party (with cake) you’ll find miss Maddie Rae;)

 I look at this picture and still just cant believe how big they are. Jocelynn and JP were something we worked so hard for and has paid off in a huge way. We don’t know what we would do without them and I am sure they feel the same way. These kids are amazing and they both show us that every single day. Me and Matt are so lucky to be their parents. Jocelynn and JP- mommy and daddy love you so much. You two are quite fun and we love spending our time with you both. Cant wait to see what this year brings us.. Just don’t let it go by too fast because I’m not sure how good I will handle the big 4.