First of all, I cannot tell you all enough how funny this girl little girl of mine is. She is full of personality, drama and is so smart! I don’t blog as often as I use to and I wish I did because you would be able to see just how freaking adorable my little blessings are!

Jocelynn is so smart. She knows peoples names after she has only met them once, she knows all of the animals sounds, she can count to 5, she “pretends” to sings the ABC’s, her vocabulary is very large and she knows so many songs. Maybe that doesn’t make her smart, I don’t know? But it makes her smart to me.

 Some of Jocelynn’s “isms”:

  • The funniest thing is that she acts like the “mom” of the house all.the.time. Always on poor bubba and takes great care of her baby sister Maddie. Whenever JP spills something or is doing something he isn’t suppose to be Jocelynn runs over to him and says “BBUUUBBBAA! No, bubba NO!” She does love her brother though because she will say “kiss bubba, kiss” and ask for kisses from him and she tells him she loves him so many times a day. She whispers it though and it is the most precious thing to hear her sweet voice whisper those three little words. She is such a mom to Maddie and it is hilarious. Whenever she wants a kiss from Maddie she does the kissing sound first with her lips and yells “MADDIE” and most of the time Maddie’s attention is elsewhere and that makes Jocelynn even more mad because she cannot stand for someone to not kiss her in the mouth. If Maddie cries, Jocelynn will tell me “momma, Maddie hhyyinn” and I’ll try and tell her that she is OK but Jocelynn doesn’t think so; so she will go get a bottle, food, toy or anything Jocelynn seems fit to make her stop crying and help her. She is going to be an amazing mother one day.
  • She has recently discovered the whole bodily function experience. A little TMI but its funny. Whenever she poots she will say “I pooot-ed” and Ill ask her “you pooted?” then she will laugh and say no as if she is embarrassed. Ive taught her to say excuse me after all bodily functions and she says “scuse me, momma. Scuse me.” 
  • Something is “hurting” this child 24/7. Not even joking. She’s not actually hurting, she just tells me that everything is. Its usually her knees. She will say “hurtin momma” and Ill ask “whats hurting baby?” Shell will reply with “knee, knees”. And then its anywhere from her “hiinnneeyy” to her “hair”. She be cray cray. 
  • I honestly didn’t know she was as good with names as she is. We don’t see her Uncle and his wife and kids a lot but she knows all of them, and also knows that each of their names are associated with one another. Ill ask her if she wants to go see Parker and shell say “Maarrrk” which is the uncle and then say “aaciie” (Gracie) which is Parker’s sister. She also always calls Pawpaw on the phone. Pawpaw is married to Rhonda, who we call Chick. Ill ask her who is on the phone and she says “pawpaw”. Then I will ask her what he’s doing and she will say “unting deeeer” (hunting deer). Then she will start talking to Chick because she knows that pawpaw and Chick come together. They recently went and stayed the weekend with my parents and ever since she got back she’s been talking to pops and moo moo on the phone too. She is also telling me everyday “pops, hurt momma” and I told my dad and he thought it was hilarious because we have no clue why she is saying that!
  • She knows Molly, Gill and Mr Grouper from the Bubble Guppies. We have some bubble guppy flash cards that have helped her memorize them really good and every time Bubble Guppies is on she will say “molly, are you” looking for her and says “hey MOLLY!” when she comes on the TV. She does the same thing with Mr. Grouper and Gill too. We have a DVD player in the car and they watch Bubble Guppies. The other day we were riding down the road and there is an episode where the bubble guppies are playing football and I heard her say “catch it Gill, Catch it!”. I about died!! I told Matt and he started laughing so hard. 
  • Speaking of football, they LOVE football. LOVE.IT. And I am so glad they do too because there isn’t a Saturday that passes in this house where we don’t watch college football. Every time they see some type of football on the TV; whether it be an actual game or clips from a game on the news, she will shout GOOOO! GET IT! KICK IT! I couldn’t be more proud;) We are working on Go Bama and Roll Tide!
  • She is weird about her hands. Anytime there is something on her hand she says “hand, hand” and wants someone to wipe whatever it is off.
  • You know the difference between hot and cold. It has recently gotten cold outside which has helped me teach you the “bbbrrrr” factor. You now know that hot means “ow” and cold is “bbrrr”. 
  • She can count to FIVE! She’s been counting to five for a little while now and I cannot get her on film doing it. You know how they always know when you are filming them? Well, at least we have witnesses. Chick and Pawpaw saw her count rocks the other night and she counted all five and ended it with an applause and a huge YAY!
  • Ive been singing the birthday song to them a lot lately. I don’t want them to get scared when everyone sings it to them at their party hah. She loves it and she sings bits and pieces. Ill hear her say “appy, irday you” and other pieces of it. The cutest thing ever. Im so excited about their birthday party this year! I think they will have a blast and I’m hoping Jocelynn will join in on the singing part;)
  • She has always loved playing peek a boo and while people may think its just for babies, it is toddler approved too. You will hide and say “peekboo”. I can’t help but laugh every time she does this because it is so funny. It melts my mommy heart!
  • You know where your dada goes during the day. In fact it is the first thing she says in the mornings when I go get her out of her crib. “dada at work” and I will tell her that “yes, dada is at work”.
  • She is a fainter. Faints when she’s mad, tired or for no reason at all. I hate it. I can’t tell you enough how much I hate this and I am so ready for her to grow out of it. She started when she was 6 months old and has done it ever since. No fun, Jocelynn!
  • Other Miscellaneous words: “occer ball (soccer ball)” “booooobies” “hug” “haaaarrt (heart)” “I got it” “slide” “swing” “i love you” “bottle” “assey (paci)” “night night” “buppies (bubble guppies)” “shoes” “boots” “socks” “hants (pants)” “off” “iper (diaper)” “ipes (wipes)” “hungry” “sghetti” “cheese” “ice” “hot” “cold” “outside” “up here” “ducks” “car” “head” “ear-ing” and so many more! 
Are those enough Jocelynn “isms” for you?! Ive thought about at least 20 more just re-reading this post but I won’t bore you.hah! I just want her to be able to look back at this blog and know everything she did and didn’t do! And I know I went a little overboard but there are so many things I didn’t even put on this post! This baby girl is full of life and drama and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I love you my sweet first born!