Just a random catch up!

I intended on doing this post on Friday but dang this weekend flew by! Not only did we have all things Easter going on but I decided to throw Maddie a last minute small Birthday party on Saturday, Those posts will come up as soon as I am done catching up on these Little’s busy life!
Jocelynn and JP had their Easter egg hunt at school a couple of weeks ago before they went on Spring Break. I don’t have a Facebook which causes me not to see all of the pictures the school posts. Their teachers are nice enough to text them to me and I love that!! They had a blast! Also? This is the third year of wear we have gotten out of these shirts! I was very impressed because I cant even get a second year of wear out of any of Madelynn’s clothes LOL.

 I had to update my tassel banner again! It was green for St. Patricks day but I added a little burlap. some fun polka dot felt letters that I cut out with my silhouette and spring colored tassels. Voila!

A couple weekends ago we took just the twins to the pond to do some fishing. Pawpaw kept his favorite little girl. Maddie was thrilled to spend some one on one time with him; she even told us “BYE” and didn’t look back. The twins were the ones who cried which is quite funny to me. 
It is just a short drive out to the pond we fish so its nice. I put the babies rain boots on them just in case because it is that time of year, the time snakes like to come out and play. We pulled up and JP was the first to catch a fish!! ALL.BY.HIMSELF!! I couldn’t believe it! He’s reeled in ours before but never hooked it and reeled it in before. I was so proud of him!

It was windy and chilly at one point so me and my babies sat in the front seat and enjoyed eating donuts while dancing to a little Uptown Funk. Yes, I am still obsessed with that song. 

We have been letting the twins take pictures of us now. I saw this and just had to snap a picture because how cute! JP taking a picture of his daddy and the 5 lber he caught!

The next day Jocelynn got her some one on one time with her Chik. Rhonda took her to get a manicure and pedicure! This was the first time for Jocelynn and Rhonda said she did great! She freaked out a little bit at all of the tools so they decided to just let her soak her feet and paint her nails. Jocelynn had to have sparkly pink and made her Chik get that too!

I got a laminator recently and it was the best decision ever. Ive been creating things in my Silhouette studio for the kids and printing them out to laminate! I made their names so they could start learning to trace. It was awesome because they would trace it, wipe it and then trace it again! 

 And just because Maddie thinks riding her bubba and sissy is funny…