Last Summer trip to the Beach!

We went to the beach last weekend! We’ve been planning it for a little while because we wanted to go the the Gulf Coast Jam that was happening down there that weekend. It is a country music festival that lasts three days wand we were able to get some tickets at the last minute! 
My mom stayed with us at the beginning of last week to help me out with Madelynn with it being the first week of MDO for the twins. Maddie and Mom ended up going ahead to the beach on Thursday while the twins were at school and we waited until Friday to go. Matt didn’t get home until about 4:30, which is a lot later than we had planned on leaving but you do what you have to! The twins did great except for the fact we had to stop every 20 minutes the first 2 hours so JP could pee. That child has the smallest bladder. But then again he drinks.a.lot. We got down there around 10:30 and the kids were exhausted. Me and Matt might had been pretty tired too. We laid them down shortly after getting all of our things in and instead of going to the festival that night we decided to go Saturday and Sunday night. We weren’t entirely sure we would be able to go Sunday night until Matt would call that day to see if he had to work Monday, so we just hoped for the best. After all, Blake Shelton was the performer for Sunday night and we didn’t want to miss him. 
I had to throw this picture in here because they were all laying on the floor the other night and laughed so hard while saying “ccchhhheeeeessseee”!!

The past couple of beach trips Maddie hasn’t been that fond of the sand but this time? We couldn’t get her to leave. She loved it. She even loved the ocean or as the twins call it “the big water”. Matt held her, I held Jocelynn and pops held JP. Maddie laughed hysterically every time a wave hit all of us. It was the most precious thing! The twins laugh every single time too. JP has the most sensitive eyes. His eyes swell up and become red. I guess the sunscreen, salt water and sand mix doesn’t do well with him and he freaks out. He is fine after I wipe his eyes but it breaks my momma heart when he cries.

We put the kiddos to bed and got ready to go listen to Dierks Bentley. The setup of this festival was so cool. There was carnival food, frozen drink tents, whiskey tents, beer tents, mist fan tents, booths with products and more!! The best part to me was that it was outside in this huge field. There was probably 20k people there but it still felt intimate because you could hear so well and see the stage from every angle. We had a blast!

We got up pretty early the next morning and I took a picture of miss Maddie getting loving from her pops;)

We let Matt sleep in because he works so hard and I wanted to reward him. That is the only thing he ever asks for so I let him. To entertain the kids until daddy got up we filled up the baby pool outside, put a slide in it and turned on the hose which equaled instant fun. 

After we got Matt up we went to Ship Wreck Island. We have been wanting to take the kids all summer but could never find the time. We found the time this trip and had a blast!! It was the first time and probably the last time they will get in free. All of them were right under the height limit. 
We played in the pool for hours. We ate pizza, ice cream and might have had a few alcoholic beverages (not me until we got word if Matt was off or not). It was just so much fun. The kids were so tired that Maddie fell asleep on me while I was carrying her to the car. I can’t tell you the last time that child has fallen asleep on me. 

Guess what? Matt ended up being off on Monday so we got to stay one more night! Blake Shelton it was! He was hilarious and I have to say.. I love every single song he has ever made.

It was nice to get some one on one time with my hubby this weekend. We haven’t spent that much time together alone in a very long time. I forget how much fun we can have. I love that we know each other so well and can just be goofy and not care. I love my baby and I am so glad we got that time this weekend! 
If you want to know more about this festival its in Panama City Beach and its called the “Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam”! I highly recommend it!! 
Now that we went to the beach for a little while I think its ok to ask Fall to come now? Right? You hear that Fall… come on! Its HOT outside!!