Last Weekends Wrap-Up

Last weekend was a pretty busy for us homebodies! I got to say, I love love getting out of the house but when you do it all weekend with three kids under 3.. dear lord. It is exhausting. 
Us and a few friends of ours have started a “dinner club”. We do it once a month, rotate houses and everyone bring something so its not costly to entertain everyone. Great idea, right? Plus it gives us mommas a chance to have an adult conversation. Although sometimes I find myself still speaking in the toddler ways while talking to adults. For example- “peek-a-boo”. I say it. Like all the time. I don’t know why because we don’t really play peek-a-boo. Oh well, I am a mom. That’s me and apparently its my language. 
We had a great time on Friday night as our first official dinner club dinner. It was at Jen and Allen’s home and they cooked cheeseburgers, hot-dogs, dips and chips and they even had a setup for the kids to roast marshmallows for s’mores!! It was so much fun and I think the kids thought so too. We actually didn’t leave there until after 9 and my kids go to bed at 7:15-7:30 so you could imagine how tired they were. 

I told all of the kids to say “cheese” and miss Braylen was cracking me up saying “princess cheese, princess cheese”. She is such a doll. I even got some snuggles from that sweet baby Jud. Isn’t it amazing how when you hold a baby and smell that sweet smell, you immediately want another one? I know, I am crazy. I don’t want another one right now but there’s hope for one more in our future. After I talk to the hubs about it first.

Saturday we went into Birmingham for my nephews , Charlie, birthday party! Charlie was thrilled that everyone came to celebrate him! We swam for a little while before indulging into cake (which I actually did not) and opening gifts.

After Charlies birthday party, my parents took my babies home and me and Matt stayed in town. We went to Babies R’us first to grab some goodies for the kids and then went to dinner.. at 4:30. I was starving because I didn’t get to eat lunch but to be perfectly honest with you, I really enjoy eating that early. Dinner was so yummy. We ate at Logan’s Roadhouse. 
We didn’t really know what to do next. Our friends ended up coming to Birmingham that night too so we met them at Pablo’s and might have drank a couple margaritas while they ate!

Afterwards we went bowling and then to listen to a band! It was so much fun. I love getting out and doing things that we don’t normally do but can I be honest? I am perfectly fine with my 10:30 bedtime. I was so tired the next day. Call me boring if you will, but I just love my normal life.

This isn’t from the weekend but I have to tell you! Guess what I did on Tuesday? Chopped my hair off!! Moo-moo stayed with us this week while my dad did some traveling so I was able to get out of the house and take care of me! I wanted to chop my hair off when I reached my goal weight. I am pretty close to that goal so I figured why not. I didn’t want just a trim if I were going in to a salon, I like drastic because that’s me! I love it and just really feel like me with this new do! The long hair wasn’t working with my mom life and I think I will be keeping this short hair for a while.