Let’s Catch Up- January until now from the Hermit

Some people might would have said I was a hermit crab during the months of February till now. I really didn’t leave the house much when I had my ileostomy. It just wasn’t fun leaving the house. If I did, it was just a lot of trouble. I mean, I literally needed my own “diaper bag” filled with gloves, extra ostomy bags, bottled water and more. Gloves to empty my bag with, water to clean it out and extra stuff just in case something were to happen to the bag I had on that day. This is so TMI and honestly I hate talking about it because it was the hardest thing I have been through in my adulthood. It made noises too and I really hated that so I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house. I was in a lot of pain most of the time anyways. I did a lot of couch sitting during that time and pretty much just became a hermit crab, except my shell being our home. You would think that I would’ve blogged during it all since all I did was sit in pain, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or see anyone. I was angry, sad, maybe even depressed. I am glad I had Matt beside me. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without him. My husband is amazing, y’all. I never once changed my bag, he did it all. He took such good care of me and I was so grateful. I will forever be thankful for him through that time. 

I am ready to start blogging again and put this all behind me for good. I need to catch up on several things before I can start with regular posts again. I mean, I haven’t even blogged about Easter. SO without further ado, lets begin. I am sorry if this might be boring but this is where I keep up with everything that goes on in our lives and I want to remember it all. 

Before my reversal surgery we went to Nashville for a weekend. I didn’t know how the recovery would be with the reversal and the kids had been so good through it all so we rewarded them with a short vacay. My dad lives in Nashville with his wife, my brother and my dads wife sister, Celia. We stayed with them during our trip so we could see their new house and spend some quality time with them. There just so happened to be a dinosaur exhibit that weekend while we were there so we went! My kids love dinosaurs, for real. They watch Jurassic world and I just recently introduced them to the Jurassic park trilogy. I know, I am a horrible mom for letting them watch it. But you know what? I didn’t ask for your opinion. The exhibit was so cool and very life-like! My babies loved every bit of it. Me>? I was extremely tired since that was the most I had walked in 2 months. 

We also enjoyed the Ripley’s Aquarium restaurant while we were there. We’ve done the rainforest cafe so went the other route this time. The kids didn’t even eat their lunch because they were so amazed!! LOL. 

We had so much fun. It was exhausting and I was in pain but it was so worth it to see some smiles on my babies faces. Not only was I going through bad stuff but they were too. It hurt them bad when their mommy got hurt and they haven’t been the same since. 

Celia slid down the stairs with Jocelynn and it was hilarious. We love our Celia! 

I’m so glad we had such a good weekend before mommy’s next surgery;)

I had my surgery and that next weekend was Maddies birthday. We just threw a small little party for her at the house. I’ll post about that and all the fun pics in a different post! But my BABY is FOUR!

Then Easter came! I was still recovering and couldn’t get around as good as I wanted but us moms do what we have to do. My kids were such an inspiration to me during my healing process, they helped me and my recovery. The night before Easter we sat out carrots, ranch and ice-cold beer; because according to Maddie that is what the easter bunny likes. When we woke the next morning, the bunny had come and left gifts and his silly footprints! Maddie walked over to the beer can and plate, turned around and yelled to me and matt “he killed his beer!” Yup, that’s my child. She keeps things interesting that is for sure. 

We died easter eggs on the porch and then ate most of them! That’s how the Vanzants roll on easter!

My sweet little Jocelynn probably had the hardest time during everything that I went through. I had promised her when mommy could drive good and was feeling better I would take her on a date, just the two of us. We finally got to go! We went and got our nails done first. I asked her where she wanted to go next and she said “TARGET!” I fell more in love with her after she said that! She got a few goodies from target and then we went and got ice cream. It was the best day, I just loved getting to spend time with just her. It’s so important and has become one of our top priorities now; one on one time with each child. 


The twins had orientation for Kindergarten back in May! Can you believe it? My babies, my first babies are going to Kindergarten this fall. I am having a really hard time with this fact. I feel like I blinked and from babies they became 5 year olds who are going to leave their mommy. I was so nervous for them that day. They got to stay for 2 hours by their selves and went to art class, PE, and the library. They even got to see how car rider works when we went to pick them up. They were so happy when they got in the car and I felt a huge sigh of relief. I actually couldn’t believe they loved it as much as they told me. Jocelynn and JP are usually so shy. Preschool has really helped them within the past couple years. I am excited for them to start a new journey but oh so sad at the same time. 

THEN, they graduated from preschool! I mean just tear my heart out while y’all are at it. 

I just love preschool teachers. I mean really, they are so special. Jocelynn and JP sure did love Miss Cheryl this year.

I think that may be about it! Ah I feel better knowing I have gotten some of this stuff down. Now onto blogging consistently and not letting life get in the way, even when it is bad.